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Blog Personalized Satin Center Organza Ribbon:...
03-08-2013 / By: Peter Kelly

Personalized Satin Center Organza Ribbon: Yellow Gold & White Foil.

The satin center organza ribbon is, by itself, a beautiful ribbon to use for any decorating project, and it just becomes a hundred times more elegant when it is personalized. This is exactly what we did for Lindsay and Neel's bridal ribbon and ended up with a lovely ribbon, just perfect for wedding decorations!

For this custom printed satin center organza ribbon, we used a Yellow Gold ribbon printed with white foil. The size of the ribbon being 1-1/2 inch, we had a relatively large area to print the names of the bride and groom so even though we were working with subtle colors, the size of the font used made the printing perfectly visible and strongly readable.

Personalized satin center orgazan ribbon by FinerRibbon.

The added advantage of using satin center organza ribbon decorating projects is that it is a relatively stiffer ribbon, so even though it is soft and silky to the touch, it holds shape perfectly giving just an awesome look to bows  and decorations in general.

Sometimes our clients intentionally request to have subtle colors so as to not have the personalized ribbon stand out too much when combined with their other decorations, and in this case, we think the color combination of yellow gold ribbon printed with white foil provides the perfect accent touch to this couple's wedding decorations!


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