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Blog Wire Edged Organza Ribbon - Give your bows and...
06-09-2012 / By: Peter Kelly

Wire Edged Organza Ribbon - Give your bows and ribbon decorations shape!

Recently, we had a client who wanted to decorate her wedding cake and the entire sweets' table with a bows that formed in a uniquely shaped loops and tails. She had tried using different kind of monofilament edge ribbon, but the results were just not good enough. So she contacted us and inquired to see if we had a solution for her.

We had the best solution indeed and that was using our wire edged organza ribbon. Our wire edged organza ribbon is just ideal for these kinds of decorations. In one instance we had a clothing store client of ours build a female shape just by using our wire edged ribbon so we knew that in this case the same ribbon would be perfect as well. So after a couple of days of back an fourth on color choices and which size to use, the client placed her order and we were happy to receive the news that the decorations were a smashing success thanks to our wire edged organza ribbon. Another wedding decoration made memorable thanks to our ribbon and the bride's imagination!

The FinerRibbon Wire Edged Organza ribbon comes in 27 different colors, all rich and just wonderful shades, and in 3 different sizes. We offer sizes of 5/8", 1-1/2", and 2-1/2" sizes and the 2-1/2" size wire edged organza ribbon is just perfect for cake decorations of any occasion!

Our full collection of wire edged organza ribbon can be viewed on this link //www.finerribbon.com/wired-organza-ribbon/ and don't hesitate to contact us and let us know if we can help with any of your ribbon needs!


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