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20-12-2021 / By: Pratik Jain

Why You Must Have A Custom Logo Ribbon For Your Products

Brand awareness and brand recognition are among the greatest ways in which a brand can grow and increase its customer base. One of the most promising avenues to achieve this is to have your products synonymous with your brand. When someone thinks of a product, they should immediately think of the brand. For instance, sports shoes and Nike.

Advertisement campaigns and product launch events are something only those that already have names in the industry can afford. What you need is something simple, affordable, and effective. Something that's easy to communicate to your customer and from that customer to other potential customers. And that is exactly what a customized ribbon can do for your brand.

So let's look at some of the immediate benefits of these customized ribbons and how they can add character to your brand.

Adaptability And Trendy

Ribbons can be tailored and modified to fit any trend and product. The most obvious ones that come to mind are festivals. Pair a festive coloured ribbon that brandishes your logo with your product and you get your name out there whether it's Christmas or a birthday.

Another way to expand your potential customers and clients is to show you support a cause that's dear to them. Get a personalized ribbon to adorn the colours and logo of that cause alongside your brand logo and you show that you care about what your customer cares about.

For example, you can have your customized ribbons boast the Pride colours during Pride Month to show support. Or your ribbon can be customized to take the iconic red colour and form, during the AIDS awareness month.

No matter what you want to communicate, you can customize a ribbon's form and colour to do so effectively, helping you as a brand to find that common ground with your patrons and future customers.

Enhanced Customer Experience And Authenticity

An important aspect to succeeding and growing as a brand is to show that you're not like other brands with similar products. In other words, you need to stand out in the market.

Enter customized ribbons. With your customized ribbons, you can bring that extra flair that your product needs to stand out. The most effective way to achieve this is through the packaging. The very first interaction and so the very first impression a customer has with a product is when they have to open the packaging to get to their product.

Incorporate your ribbons into the packaging of your product to deliver an experience that's unique and captures your customer's attention. And when your product stands out through this experience, they will remember your brand because your ribbons are customized with your logo.

A good product and a great experience are worthy of being shared. Customers who enjoy this interaction will be sure to express this by word of mouth or as gifts to potential future customers during festivals and celebrations.

Not to mention, in today's world of influencers and social media, customer experience is a great way for a brand name to spread.

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Personality With Professional Elegance

This really ties into the other two points mentioned above. Or rather, this point talks about the cumulative benefit of having an advertising tool that's easy to use and adapt, while being professional on every product.

When you want your brand to grow, you need to convey two things to your customer. You need to convince them that you, as a brand, know what you're doing. In other words, professionalism. You also need to convince them that you care about your customers.

Personalized ribbons help a brand achieve both of these. Choosing your ribbon color, fabric, and overall design can help bring out the professional elegance in your brand.

For example, the right ribbon can elevate your product by giving it that status and you as a brand come across as premium and professional. No matter who your customer is, and no matter how much they spend on your product, the premium feel is something unique that they can and will buy into.

This elegance can be translated across any occasion or trend you want to focus on.  You can sympathize with your customers or celebrate with them. You as a brand give yourself and your products that personality that helps you connect with your customer.

Having a custom logo ribbon for your products promotes your brand recognition and helps your brand grow and reach a larger customer base. It's easy to execute and is significantly easier on your pockets compared to running an ad campaign.

But there is one important aspect to this whole thing that any brand adopting this custom ribbon approach to marketing must be wary of. Put time into designing, planning and using your ribbons effectively. It's because as great as ribbons are at promoting your brand, if they come across as tacky, it may not have the effect you are looking for.

That being said, if you are looking to personalize your ribbons with your brand logo, then head over to our store and let's get started!


What Is A Ribbon In Marketing?

In marketing, a ribbon brings two broad advantages to the table. One is advertising and the second is brand recognition. It's marketing on a budget. Customized ribbons are like business cards for your brand. People who purchase your products know the brand behind that product thanks to these ribbons. Associating your product to your brand and vice versa gives you that brand recognition advantage over your competitors.

How Do You Customize A Ribbon?

Customizing ribbons is not hard. It's common nowadays and there are many services and stores that will print your company name or logo onto ribbons. You can head over to our store to get personalized ribbons with your brand logo and design.

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