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Blog Why Clothing Labels are Important?...
25-11-2021 / By: Pratik Jain

Why Clothing Labels are Important?

There's no doubt that the first thing a consumer checks while buying clothes is the quality of the product. Consider this, you've come up with the best quality designed clothing collection. Right from marketing strategies to researching your target customers, you've done everything. But wait, what about your clothing labels?  Have you been thinking your clothes are going to speak for themselves?

We want to remind you that clothing labels can actually contain essential information about your product. It's so important that just the placement of a label can impact your customer in so many ways. So, depending on your clothing label, your customer can decide whether to buy a product or place it back on the rack. Here's everything you need to know about why clothing labels are important.

Gives Details About The Materials

One of the most important pieces of information that clothing labels provide is the fabric from which the garment was made from. In today's time, consumers have tons of choices to choose from when it comes to clothing fabrics. So it shouldn't come to you as a surprise that most consumers are very particular about where the products are coming from. That's why, many people tend to make environmentally-friendly choices when buying clothes.

Some fabrics like nylon, polyester and rayon require a lot of energy in their manufacturing process. And let's not forget the fact that these materials can be really harmful for the environment. Such clothes end up in landfills within 12 months and sometimes their materials can become a waste before they even make it to the rack. That's why most consumers choose to make an ethical choice when it comes to buying clothes. So, a clothing label needs to give detailed information about the material used to make the garment. It'll help the customer decide whether to purchase the garment or not.

Shows How To Take Care Of A Garment

It's a known fact that different garment fabrics require different ways of cleaning. That's why certain clothes need dry-cleaning and proper laundry services. You wouldn't want your customer to buy your clothing just to get the color faded or fabric ripped in the first week itself. Wondering what can cause this? The care labels for clothing , of course! If you've not mentioned clear instructions for washing on your clothing label, chances are your customer will do it the wrong way.

Not all fabrics are like cotton that can be washed in a washing machine. So to help your customers take care of the clothing and wash it carefully, it's important that you use labels. When you give clear instructions regarding the care and content on the clothing label, your customer can use it properly and the garment will last longer.

Builds Brand Recognition

As a designer and seller, you'd want to use every single opportunity to market your clothing brand, right? Ever thought about using clothing labels for branding? Just so you know, your clothing labels can be much more than mere providers of technical information of materials. You can actually use clothing labels to promote your brand and increase your sales.

One of the best ways to brand your clothing with labels is conveying a message through them. For example, if your company or product uses sustainable resources for manufacturing, you can mention that on the label. That's a great way of sharing your commitment to being environment-friendly to your customers. Another quirky way of promoting your brand is by adding funny jokes or holiday wishes on your clothing labels. After all, customers are more likely to get attracted to such witty statements or holiday wishes!

Adds Quality To Your Clothing

It goes without saying that a well-designed label will not only enhance your brand but at the same time add quality to your clothing. Many people prefer shopping for clothes based on brands. So if you don't compromise on your clothing label, chances are that customers are more likely to notice your brand.

All you have to do is mention the fabric type and other technical details, care content and you're good to go. Another important thing to be mindful of is where you place the clothing label. We recommend you add a label to the shirt sleeve or towards the exterior of the tote bag of your clothing. That way the customers will be easily attracted to your garment.

If your garments don't have clothing labels, you might come out as an amateur company. Want your brand to be noticed? Well, then you'll have to add clothing labels to all your garments and make them ready to shine on those racks. If you're looking for multiple color printed labels, FinerRibbon is just the right place for you. Not only do we provide fully washable clothing labels, but also assure you all of them are compliant with CSPA regulations and guidelines.


What Do Clothing Labels Tell Us?

A clothing label tells necessary information about the garment like laundry symbols and gives clear instructions whether you need to wash, dry clean, or iron a particular garment.

What Is The Role Of Laundry Labels?

The role of laundry labels is to tell the customer about the right amount of temperature a garment needs along with the correct way to wash it.

Why Is Care Labelling Important?

Care labeling is important as it gives your customer important information about how to take care of a garment. Right from laundry details to the directions to washing it, the customer can understand how to take care of the clothing through care labels.

What Needs To Be On A Care Label?

A care label needs to give details about whether a particular garment can be washed in the washing machine or needs to be washed by hand. It should also provide important details like the kind of water temperature (cold, warm, or hot) that is suitable for washing the garment.

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