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Wedding Wands: A creative DIY idea for weddings and parties.

Wedding Wands: A creative DIY idea for weddings and parties.
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Posted: 13-06-2014 14:03
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A very easy Do-It-Yourself guide on how to make beautiful wedding wands for your wedding decorations and reception! Click for more pictures and to read more!

Are you looking for an original wedding idea? Have you ever heard of wedding wands? If you haven’t, I’m here to give you the inside scoop. Wedding wands are a new and fun way to add a beautiful touch of color to your very special day. Use them at your wedding reception or instead of confetti. Wedding wands are a great way to get your guests involved and having fun at your event.

Wedding wands made by personalized satin ribbon by FinerRibbon.

How do you make a wedding wand?

You can make your very own wedding wand quite easily. All you need is a dowel (I find a 12” dowel is best) and some ribbon. I recommend using a mix of ribbons and colors for the best effect. Personally, I would use some personalized satin ribbon mixed with some organza ribbon and perhaps some lace. You can have your custom ribbon personalized with your names, the wedding date or even your favorite quote. It’s all up to you. Have fun and get creative with your wedding wand design. It is a great keepsake and many of your guests will likely keep their wedding wand as a wonderful piece of memorabilia for your very special day.

Some extra tips….

* Create a simple sign that tells your guests to pick up a wedding wand and place it at the entrance to your event. I would hate to see all your wedding wands go to waste because no one knew what to do.

* If you want to add some noise effects to your wands, you can also attach a small bell to the ends of some of the personalized satin ribbon.

* Make sure that you secure the ribbons to the wand quite well so that you don’t have any fly-aways or strays. You never know how vigorously and excitedly your guests will wave your wedding wands.

* It is a good idea to heat-treat the ends of each custom printed ribbon. You want to make sure that the personalized ribbons don’t fray after you cut it with scissors and when your guests are waving them around.

Remember that wedding wands are such a fantastic idea that isn’t just limited to weddings. You can use these decorative ribbon wands at your next birthday party, baby shower or even your next corporate event. Watch as the wands whirl and the faces of your guests light up with childish delight.

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