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The Ultimate Guide to Organza & Chiffon Ribbon

The Ultimate Guide to Organza & Chiffon Ribbon
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Posted: 27-06-2014 15:13
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A classic and elegant ribbon, organza & chiffon ribbon are perfect for almost any decorating project! Click here to read more.

Organza ribbon and satin ribbon are probably the two most popular types of ribbons used for elegant and chic events. Organza ribbon, also commonly called chiffon ribbon, is a thin, lightweight and semi-transparent ribbon that is traditionally created from the filaments of silk yarn. It is a sheer fabric that is surprisingly durable and strong. Organza ribbons have a natural sheen that is classy, luxurious and it isn’t any wonder why it is such a popular ribbon choice.

Organza ribbons are especially great because they come is several different types and sizes making them the perfect ribbon for every occasion. For example, if you need some chiffon ribbon for bows or wrapping, many people choose single-sided organza ribbon because it has sheen on one side and a matte finish on the other. For other events where both sides of the ribbon will be visible, most people opt for a double-sided organza ribbon. On the other hand, if you need sturdier ribbon that can be shaped into a form for a craft, organza with a wired edge works exceptionally well. Satin edged organza ribbons or satin centered chiffon ribbons add an extra touch of elegance to your gifts that you may have been looking for. Personally, I think that satin centered chiffon ribbons are particularly fabulous because they look fantastic when they are personalized. Are you looking for a way to commemorate your wedding or your large corporate event? Satin centered personalized organza ribbon will add the perfect touch to your wedding favors or your corporate giveaways. I can guarantee that personalized organza ribbon will make your event that much more special and that much more memorable for all of your guests.

I can’t seem to rave enough about organza (chiffon) ribbons! It is my favorite type of ribbon and it can be used in so many fun and creative ways.

Organza ribbon can be used for on anything that needs a decorative bow. If you are particularly crafty and you feel up for the challenge, why not shape and warp your chiffon ribbon into a fancy bow and watch, as you instantly become the crafting superstar of all your friends?

Organza ribbon can also be used in countless ways to dress up your wedding. Use it to decorate your wedding flowers, to embellish your bridal wear or even to decorate your wedding hall. Really, what can’t you do with organza ribbon? Use personalized organza ribbon to spice up your clothes, at your corporate events or as that final touch to your art projects or home decorations. If you don’t have some already, you should get some organza ribbon today because you never know when you’ll need it next.

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