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Blog Two Awesome Money-Saving Ideas for your Wedding...
28-04-2014 / By: Peter Kelly

Two Awesome Money-Saving Ideas for your Wedding

Are you on a budget for your wedding? Have you been worried every step of the way that you are spending too much money on your big day? This is a very common stress that brides and grooms both carry leading up to their wedding day. However, there are a few fun and interesting crafts that you can make yourself that can help you cut those valuable corners for your wedding. Here are two great money saving ideas that can help you save your pennies on your wedding day.

Custom printed satin ribbon for weddings by FinerRibbon.

Decorate the Ring Bearer’s Pillow with Personalized Ribbon
For a lot of weddings, the ring bearer’s pillow takes a backseat and it is often something that is thrown together last minute. I have been to countless weddings where everything is beautiful except for this tacky, last minute, store bought ring bearers pillow. So, how can you avoid this wedding mishap while still staying money conscious? I have a great idea! Buy any standard 6” by 6” pillow and decorate it with your very own personalized ribbon. Isn’t that a fantastic way to add your own unique personalized touch to your wedding bearer’s pillow while still staying on the cheap?  FinerRibbon.com has some lovely satin ribbon, organza ribbon and grosgrain ribbon that you can customize and have printed with the names of the bride and the groom as well as the wedding date. They offer a ton of options and many different ribbon colors that you can choose from. One idea is to swerve some beautiful personalized double face satin ribbon in a lovely pattern down the center of your ring bearer’s pillow. This is an amazing way to make your wedding special and memorable without breaking the bank.

Use Ribbon Boutonnieres and Ribbon Bouquets instead of Fresh Flowers
Of course, buying real flowers for your wedding is absolutely fabulous and every bride wants to do it, but fresh flowers can be VERY expensive. For starters at most weddings, the bride and groom buy a bridal bouquet, flower girl bouquets, boutonnieres and centerpieces for their wedding reception. These are just the basic flowers that you need while some brides like to add fresh flowers to the church, their reception hall decorations, and the list can go on-and-on. When you think about it, the cost of fresh flowers at your wedding can really add up quickly.
One great way that you can save on your flower budget for your wedding is by using some personalized ribbon as a substitute for some of your fresh flowers. What??? Is that possible? How can you do that? Although it might seem difficult, it isn’t that hard and you can make beautiful arrangements with personalized ribbons.

First, following with your wedding colors, buy some personalized ribbon with your names and the date of your wedding printed on them. If you don’t know where to start with this, FinerRibbon.com is a great place for all of your personalized ribbon needs. You can use printed satin ribbon, printed grosgrain ribbon or even, printed organza ribbon. Next, buy some pieces of matching fabric and cut them into strips. Lastly, bend, shape and combine the personalized ribbons and fabric to make exceptional ribbon boutonnieres for the ring bearer’s or groomsmen’s lapels. If you are really creatively inclined, try this same technique out on your bridal bouquet. Your friends will be amazing at your talent and you don’t even have to tell them how much money you’ve saved.


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