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Blog Tips For Designing Custom Printed Ribbons...
20-12-2021 / By: Pratik Jain

Tips For Designing Custom Printed Ribbons

Personalized ribbons add an edge to any event or party. Rather than wrapping return gifts or goodies in regular ribbons, wrapping them in custom ribbons make sure the guests remember your party for years to come. It can be a wedding, a baby shower, a graduation party, or a retirement party, custom ribbons can be designed in any theme you can dream of!

Often, businesses too want customized ribbons to pack their products with, to wrap freebies in fairs or to gift with the merchandise. When customers see your logo on the ribbon, they immediately associate it with your business. This way you stay in your customers' minds for longer. If you're wondering how to design personalized ribbons, we can help! Just read on for tips for designing custom printed ribbons!

Create Minimal Designs

While designing your custom ribbon, try to stick to 2D designs. A ribbon is a singular surface and if you design something complex, it won't do justice. Try to submit a design that isn't vertically elaborate because there can be problems in resizing it later. If you don't have a designer working on your project, simply remember to design a custom ribbon print that's 'ribbon-friendly'.

Use Few Design Elements

If you're a business owner planning to print your logo on ribbons, remember to use only a few design elements. Established businesses already have brand visual designs in place which are used in promotional materials. But you don't have to use all design elements while making a custom design for the ribbon. Rather, it'll be ideal to design smartly by using only your logo in the middle and spreading other elements across the horizontal ribbon. Keep spacing and borders in mind so the end result appears even and neat.

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Make Use Of Vectors

Always try using vectors while designing your personalized ribbons. You can use symbols or emblems that convey the message. Wedding bells for a custom wedding ribbon, cakes for a custom birthday ribbon, and so on. Vectors look clean and neat and don't distort like images on ribbons. If you're designing a ribbon for brand promotion, you can get creative by using vectors relating to your business. For example, vectors of cupcakes, donuts, brownies, etc if you're designing a custom ribbon for a bakery business. Also, don't forget to include your logo!

Include Phrases

Depending on whether you're designing a custom ribbon for your business or for an event, phrases add a professional or personal touch. If you're designing it for your business, let your tagline run across the horizontal ribbon. If you're designing it for an event, include wishes like 'Happy Holidays!', 'Merry Christmas!', 'Welcome Home Dad!' or something. You get the gist! You can use ribbons creatively at gender reveal parties too. Ribbons can be a cool way to announce the gender of your newborn. If you're designing ribbons for a wedding, include the names of the couple and the date of the wedding.

Consider Your Color Palette

Colors are very important while designing your ribbon. The colour of your ribbon and your font should go together and look pleasing. Try choosing contrasting colors so the font and vectors stand out on the ribbon. If you're designing a ribbon for your business, stick to your brand color palette. If there are only 3 colors in your brand palette, don't include a 4th color in your custom ribbon. It unnecessarily complicates the design and distracts the audience from the brand element.

Eliminate Extensive Information

While designing a ribbon for your business, don't include unnecessary details like contact number, address, or your social media handles. This increases the text in your ribbon and makes it look unappealing. If new customers find your brand logo interesting, they'll Google you up! So don't worry about putting too much detail in there. This isn't your business card!

Go For Wide Ribbons

You get to be more creative and liberal with a wide ribbon than with a narrow one. You also don't have to compromise on spacing if you go for a wide ribbon. When there's enough space between the borders and your design, the ribbon looks much more professional and aesthetically pleasing. You can select different ribbon sizes on our website and play around with designs. With a wider ribbon, you get to include more design elements and phrases. Go ahead and choose your size!

Choose The Right Type Of Ribbon

The type of ribbon also matters while creating your custom ribbon. The texture and look of your ribbon convey a lot about your brand or about the event you're hosting. For instance, if you're a luxury brand, going for a personalized double face satin ribbon would be ideal. If you're hosting a wedding party, a personalized satin centre organza ribbon will suit the mood. The colour of the ribbon too matters here, use white ribbons for a wedding or colourful ribbons for a kid's birthday party. There's so much that a ribbon can convey, so pick the right type and colour!

The easiest way to design your custom ribbon is to try our print customization tool. You can pick a ribbon size, ribbon color, ink color, and emblem. There are many free emblems to play with, like a baby's vector for a custom baby shower ribbon! Input your phrase and select a font you like, you'll see the custom ribbon preview in an instant on our website. Once you approve the personalized ribbon preview we mailed you, your ribbon will be up for production! That's how easy and smooth it is to design your own personalized ribbon with us!


What Material Is Used To Make Ribbons?

Ribbons are made with a wide variety of materials. But some of the most popular ones are satin, grosgrain, silk, organza, and tulle. You'll need to choose a ribbon material based on your requirement, brand identity, and the theme of the occasion.

Can You Make Fabric Into Ribbon?

Yes! If you're going the DIY route and have any fabric lying around, you can make the fabric into ribbons. Just cut the fabric into strips and stitch the frayed ends. Also, the frayed ends can also be aesthetically pleasing, so do with it as you please!

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