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Blog Tips for Decorating a Gift Basket...
25-11-2021 / By: Pratik Jain

Tips for Decorating a Gift Basket

A gift basket can be the perfect surprise for your friends and family on birthdays or during celebrations like Christmas or Thanksgiving. And it'll be even more meaningful when you design and decorate the basket yourself. It's not just placing things together, you have to get creative and think out of the basket! Whether you're making one as a birthday gift or for your special someone, you have to let your imaginations run wild!

Don't know where to start? Well, designing a gift basket yourself can be confusing. After all, you want your gift to stand out right? Don't worry, we've compiled a list of tips for decorating a gift basket. Let's just dive right in!

Gather Your Supplies

The first thing you need to do is get all your supplies to make your own gift basket. Depending on the occasion, you can choose a specific type of basket. For example, if you're making a gift basket for a kid, you can choose toy carts or wagons where you can assemble all your contents. For a housewarming gift basket, you can choose a traditional basket or vintage crates. Just make sure that you consider how many items you want to fit in and the weight of the basket before you purchase one.

Let's not forget the other supplies you'll be needing to decorate your basket. Here's a list of items you can consider to decorate your gift basket:

      Cello basket bag

      Packing paper

      Tissue paper

      Colored basket shred


      Personalized ribbon (to customize your gift basket)

      Satin grosgrain , or satin center organza ribbon to make a bow

Choose A Theme For Your Gift Basket

One of the best things about designing a gift basket yourself is that you have all the liberty to get creative and unleash that designer inside you. The best way to figure out what theme will suit your basket is prioritizing the recipient and their taste. And hey, don't forget the most important thing - the occasion! Depending on whether it's for a birthday party, anniversary, farewell, housewarming, or a festival, you can center the theme of your basket accordingly.

If you're making a gift basket for Christmas, you can use different color combinations like red, gold, silver and green decorations and ribbons. For a farewell or birthday party, a chocolate basket would be a perfect surprise. You can use lively and cheerful colored ribbons like yellow, orange, purple, or patterned blues to decorate your chocolate gift basket. If you want to surprise a new mom, you can give her a baby basket. One of your key decorations for a baby basket can be blue or pink ribbons and bows that'll make your basket cute and colorful.

Prepare The Base Of Your Basket

The highlight of your gift basket is the contents inside and you obviously want people to notice them, right? After all, a gift basket looks perfect only when all its contents are visible and placed correctly. That's why it's important that you first make the base of your basket.

For a good base, you can use things like crumpled packing paper as it helps to keep heavy things in place. Otherwise, you can use tissue paper or colored basket shredded paper so that your items don't sink down to the bottom of the box. We recommend you don't use printed newspapers for making the base. The ink on the paper can damage and spoil your items.

Organize Your Products

This is one of the most important parts of decorating your basket. Your decoration is secondary stuff that will make your basket look pretty. The real stars of your basket are the contents inside it. You have to ask yourself all possible questions regarding how you want the gift basket to look. How do you want your friends to view it? Do you want your basket to have items of different sizes?

There's a trio that can save your day when you want to organize your items in a gift basket. We're talking about getting items of different colors, textures, and sizes. One way of organizing your items is by placing the small items first and the tall items at the back. Otherwise, a great way of showcasing your basket to all the audience is by placing the tall items in the center and the smaller items surrounding them. Just see to it that while purchasing your contents, you buy items of different colors, textures, and sizes in order to organize them easily inside your gift basket.

Secure All The Items In The Basket

Before you wrap your gift basket, you need to secure all the items and keep them organized. You can stick all your items together using hot glue. If you're worried about hot glue damaging your items, you can stuff raffia between your items and at the base. Otherwise, you can use skewers or straws so that your flimsy items stay together.

Wrap Your Gift Basket

The final step to decorating your gift basket is wrapping it up. You can use cellophane to wrap all the items together in the basket. It will provide great support to your items, just see to it that you secure the top of the cello bag with a ribbon. How about getting more creative with the wrapping? Wouldn't a bow look pretty on it? You can use a satin , grosgrain orsatin center organza ribbon to make a bow. Find it too hard to make a bow? Simply check out our bow collection that will add that finishing touch to your gift basket!

No matter what the occasion, a gift basket can be a perfect surprise to make the occasion more special. And hey, if you want people to pine over your gift basket, our collection of ribbons will make your basket look more extravagant and beautiful. So, there you have it, now you know about all the tips and tricks for decorating a perfect gift basket.


How Do You Decorate Baskets With A Ribbon?

One of the best ways to decorate a gift basket is using a ribbon to secure the contents inside the basket. Otherwise, a ribbon bow can be the perfect way to make your gift basket more creative and beautiful.

What Do You Put In The Bottom Of A Gift Basket?

You can use packing paper, tissue paper, colored basket shreds, or raffia to put in the bottom of a gift basket.

How Do You Make Things Stand Up In A Gift Basket?

The best way to make things stand up in a gift basket is by placing something at the base of your basket. You can use crumpled packing paper, tissue paper, colored basket shreds, or raffia to make the base of your basket. That way your things inside the basket will be at a high elevation and stand up.

How Do You Display Items In A Gift Basket?

When displaying the items in a gift basket, you need to organize them properly. If you want all of your items to be visible, you can place the smaller items in the front and the tall ones at the back. That's why it's best if you get items of various shapes and sizes so that you can organize them properly in your gift basket.

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