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Blog A study of color combinations....
18-02-2014 / By: Peter Kelly

A study of color combinations.

A major concern our clients have when ordering printed ribbon is if the colors will work well together, especially when working with low contrast color combinations, for example, white ribbon with yellow foil or silver metallic foil.

The good new is that with us, this is never an issue. This is because we use premium for when it comes to printing on our ribbon, so the printing is always a thick and fully opaque layer of film on the ribbon with no interference from the background color of the ribbon. For sure, some colors offer higher degree of visibility, ultimately white ribbon with black printing on it offers much more stronger visibility than let's say, white ribbon silver metallic printing, however in both cases, the printing is always guaranteed to be perfectly visible and readable by the beholder.

A good case in point is several projects we've done in the past where we've worked with black ribbon printed with black foil, or white ribbon printed with white foil. Obviously in cases like these the printing is going to be very subtle, but the effect is absolutely amazing and very elegant. Thanks to the quality of our foil, even when we have the lowest possible contrast level when using the same color for both the ribbon and the printing, the artwork is perfectly visible and distinguishable.

That's why we always encourage our clients to not be afraid and experiment with new, fresh, color combinations. Obviously there are cases when a brand has certain set colors for marketing or a bride has her decorations in a set of colors which she would not want to veer away from, however when the circumstances permit, we always encourage our clients to use new colors and enjoy the colorful results. For sure there is also an element of personal taste in play here, but that's exactly why we offer our free sample artwork approval process. After a client places an order, we prepare and email a sample for review and approval and during this process, the client will be able to see exactly how the printing is going to be and request any changes to both the artwork or to the colors. That is exactly why we ask our clients to choose their colors without any worry, because our process eliminates all risk and by the end of the sample artwork approval process, our clients are guaranteed that every single aspect of the project meets their approval.

So having these guarantees and safeguards in place, why not take the time and play around with the colors? We always love a good challenge and we're sure trendy new colors will make any of our clients happy!

We recently did such a project; The client asked for a black satin ribbon and as for the printing, his request was to use metallic light pink. We'd never done this before so it was a novelty to us too but the results were just lovely as the picture below shows.

Low contrast color printing on satin ribbon

The light pink print color actually shows beautifully on the darker, black color ribbon and the result is just lovely.

Have any questions about color combinations? We'd love to help! Contact us today and let us offer you our free consultation!


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