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Blog Steps To Make A Beautiful Mesh And Flowers...
20-12-2021 / By: Pratik Jain

Steps To Make A Beautiful Mesh And Flowers Spring Wreath

After the gloomy winters come the welcoming pleasantness of the spring season. It's a breath of fresh air in our lungs, and for many, a breath of fresh air in life. Spring cleaning takes over almost every living creature, from animals to us humans, with the urge to reinvigorate our homes for the remainder of the year.

If you're looking for ways to spruce up your home with a welcoming spring atmosphere, then look no further than a spring wreath. Hang this on your door or in the living room over the fireplace and it immediately breathes life into the environment. So why not try your hand in making one yourself?

Things You'll Need

      Ribbons - colors of your choice (feel free to use personalized custom ribbons too)

      Floral pins

      Artificial glitter stems

      Artificial flowers and flower buds

      Deco mesh fabric - You can opt to have these in more than one color.

      Deco mesh ribbons - Multiple colour options are preferred.

      A base - A wire floral wreath or a floral wreath foam base.

      Ornaments - Decorations that you would want to have on your wreath.

      Glue gun

Step 1

Use the floral pins to attach the artificial glitter stems to the upper part of the wreath base. Do this until the entire upper part of the base is hidden under the glitter stems.

Step 2

Choose one of the stems as a starting point and using as many floral pins as required,  pin the deco mesh to the ends of the glitter stems. Make sure to tuck the ends of the mesh neatly so that they aren't dangling about.

Step 3

With your deco mesh secured neatly to the stem, you're now ready to make loops out of this mesh. Gather up a desired length of the deco mesh and make loops and pin it in place. Smaller lengths can give you tighter and neater loops while lengths about 10 inches in length can produce really fancy puffy loops.

Go around the entire base repeating this process and securely pinning these loops of deco mesh in place. Keeping the loops consistent will give you a clean design but varying the loops will give a more natural aesthetic to the wreath.

If you have picked out the deco mesh in varying colors, you can use them in a variety of sequences or patterns with the loops, so plan your approach accordingly.

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Step 4

Time to use those ribbons. Tie the ribbon to the back of the wreath and then wind it in and around the wreath. If you have multiple colors of ribbons, you can coordinate it with the deco mesh loops made earlier to really make them stand out. Feel free to use these ribbons in any way your creativity dictates. Just make sure that you have tied them to the wreath properly so they maintain their shape.

Step 5

Time to decorate your wreath with the artificial flowers and ornaments you picked out. It's best to first visualize this step before actually finalizing the design. Keep your wreath flat on its back and place your artificial flowers and ornaments all around it.

You can choose colors that complement the background mesh and ribbons, or colors that contrast so that the flowers and ornaments stand out. You can bunch up these flowers and ornaments or choose to have them spaced out evenly.

Let your creativity loose and experiment with different layouts before deciding on the one you prefer.

With a layout in place, fix the artificial flowers and ornaments to the wreath. You can choose to either do this by using the glue gun to glue them in place or you can opt to use the floral pins. Just make sure that they're secured properly.

Step 6

You now need to have something to affix your wreath on the wall or the door. So make a loop out of a ribbon and tie it to the back of your wreath. This loop is what you hang your wreath off.

You can make this loop big or small. A smaller, shorter loop can be hidden behind the wreath. If you choose to have a big loop, chances are that loop will be visible above the wreath, so make sure the ribbon you choose complements the wreath. Sometimes, where you decide to have the wreath dictates the size of the loop.

Spring wreaths come in many different varieties and you can certainly buy one from a store. But in the spirit of spring and livening up your home by yourself, go crazy with all the materials and ribbons! Wondering where to get the ribbons? Our store is your one-stop-shop for all your ribbon needs!

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Can You Put Flowers On A Mesh Wreath?

Yes, you can put flowers in a mesh wreath. Since real flowers wilt over time, you'll need to switch them out with new ones to keep your wreath looking fresh and not dead. To make this process easy, avoid using glue and use pins, twine, or wires to secure the flowers in place.

How Do You Wire Flowers On A Wreath?

Make sure to use flowers with long enough stems. Gently push the flower stems through your wreath and you will see the stems poking out the back. Use your wires to wrap around the stems and then loop or tie to the back of the wreath to secure the flowers in place.

How Do I Start Making A Wreath?

To start with a wreath, you first need a wreath form base. You can purchase this form base from a store or make your own with cardboard or foam. You can also use twigs and vines for a more earthy feel. In fact, you can use anything that resembles or has the form of a wreath as your base. Basically, you need a big ring that's easy to work with and secure things to.

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