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Single Face or Double Face Satin Ribbon - A comparison between the two.

Single Face or Double Face Satin Ribbon - A comparison between the two.
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Posted: 09-06-2014 16:34
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A detailed look at single and double face satin ribbon - The difference between them and which is best to use for your ribbon needs. Click to read more!

Single face or Double face Satin Ribbons - Which is the best for you?

Doesn’t everybody love satin? I love the feel of satin, its glimmering sheen and its lovely vibrant glow. Satin ribbon is so beautiful, smooth and silky. If you love satin too, than why not buy yourself some beautiful satin ribbon for every occasion.

Satin ribbon is the perfect ribbon for every occasion. It is a premium style of ribbon that denotes class, distinction and excellence. Satin ribbon is available in a wide variety of colors and sizes making it the ideal choice of ribbon for your next event. Do you have a very special gift for that very special person that you want to wrap in the most memorable way? Are you throwing a large black-tie corporate event with marketing gift bags that you are going to give away? What better way to make an impression than with the finest and most stylish-looking satin ribbon.

What type of satin ribbon do you need?

Satin Ribbon is probably the most widely known type of ribbon out there on the market today. There are however two different types of satin ribbon: single face satin ribbon and double face satin ribbon. It is good to know that difference between these two types of satin ribbon so that you are sure to buy the right kind of ribbon for your next occasion.

Single face satin ribbon is essentially one sided. The backside is still very nice but only the front side of the ribbon has that classic satin silky and shiny finish that stain ribbon is known for. The backside of a single face satin ribbon has a matte finish. Single face satin ribbon can be used for every occasion however it is most appropriate when you are adding flat ribbon decorations to your weddings or events where only one side of the ribbon is on show.

Double face satin ribbon is absolutely gorgeous. The incredible satin sheen is seen on both sides of double face satin ribbon and no matter how you twist or turn this ribbon, the satin shine reflects back into your eye. Double face satin ribbon is excellent for birthday gift-wrap and wedding or event decorations where a lot of bows will be used and both sides of the ribbon will be visible.

Should you personalize your satin ribbon?

Whether you choose to personalize your satin ribbons is a very personal choice and perhaps, it depends mostly on the type of event or occasion for which you are using your ribbon. If, for example, you simply want some classy ribbons for gift-wrapping, then perhaps personalizing your satin ribbon is unnecessary. On the other hand, if you are planning on wrapping your wedding favors with your satin ribbon or you are a large company that wants to add ribbon to their advertising campaign, then buying personalized satin ribbon is the obvious choice. Personalized satin ribbon will add that very special touch to your event and it will wow and impress your family, friends or clients.

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