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Blog Beautiful personalized ribbon for bridal...
12-02-2014 / By: Peter Kelly

Beautiful personalized ribbon for bridal decorations!

We had the wonderful opportunity to do the printed satin ribbon for Paul & Kelly's wedding using a beautiful color combination!

For this bridal ribbon, we used 3/8" Double Face satin ribbon in shocking pink color, and the printing on it was done with silver metallic foil. We used the Script MT Bold font with a continuous print gap of a quarter of an inch (specifically, the names followed by a quarter of an inch gap followed by the date, a quarter of an inch gap, and then the names again and so on). The ribbon came out quite lovely and so beautiful, perfect for bridal use!

Personalized satin ribbon with silver metallic foil.

The advantage of doing a continuous print gap like this is that when it comes to using, one does not need to worry about measurements or where to cut the ribbon because the printing is completely continuous all over the ribbon. So no matter how the favour boxes, flowers, or invitation cards are being wrapped, the printing is guaranteed to be completely visible.

We loved working on this project and by all means contact us today and let us know if we can help with your own custom bridal ribbon!


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