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$27.81USD (CAD34.98) - $40.99USD (CAD51.56)
$27.81USD (CAD34.98) - $40.99USD (CAD51.56)
$27.81USD (CAD34.98) - $40.99USD (CAD51.56)
$27.81USD (CAD34.98) - $40.99USD (CAD51.56)
$27.81USD (CAD34.98) - $40.99USD (CAD51.56)
$27.81USD (CAD34.98) - $40.99USD (CAD51.56)
$27.81USD (CAD34.98) - $40.99USD (CAD51.56)
$27.81USD (CAD34.98) - $40.99USD (CAD51.56)
$27.81USD (CAD34.98) - $40.99USD (CAD51.56)
$27.81USD (CAD34.98) - $40.99USD (CAD51.56)
$27.81USD (CAD34.98) - $40.99USD (CAD51.56)

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1. How To Make Hair Bows With Personalized Ribbons
You can get creative and use quirky personalized ribbons to make hair bows that match your mood and outfit or to fit an occasion or the holidays. It comes with the added bonus of being a great way to spend time with your children. Let’s get started!
2. Cute DIY Crafts With Ribbon For Kindergarteners
It’s difficult to keep curious and hyperactive kindergarteners busy. Rather than exposing them to your phones, how about keeping them engaged with some easy ribbon crafts? This keeps them entertained and boosts their creative thinking skills. Playing around with ribbons introduces kids to colors, textures, and patterns.
3. Tips for Decorating a Gift Basket
A gift basket can be the perfect surprise for your friends and family on birthdays or during celebrations like Christmas or Thanksgiving. And it’ll be even more meaningful when you design and decorate the basket yourself. It’s not just placing things together, you have to get creative and think out of the basket! Whether you’re making one as a birthday gift or for your special someone, you have to let your imaginations run wild!
4. Decorate your Wedding Programs with Personalized Ribbon
Spruce up your wedding programs with our personalized ribbon! Click to read more of our useful tips and ideas!
5. Spice up your Wedding Table Decorations with Personalized Ribbons!
A comprehensive guide to decorating your reception hall wedding tables with personalized ribbon! Click to read more.
6. Chocolatiers Must Have Custom Ribbon - Here's Why
Whatever the occasion, chocolates can really make it special. Be it a birthday, a wedding, a party, a housewarming gift, or an apology, chocolates really seal the deal. Even though it is a cliche to get someone chocolate, for whatever reason or occasion, it's also almost always the perfect gift that can never go wrong.
7. The Ultimate Guide to Organza & Chiffon Ribbon
A classic and elegant ribbon, organza & chiffon ribbon are perfect for almost any decorating project! Click here to read more.
8. Save time and make gift-wrapping easier with Satin Twist-Tie Bows.
Our new Twist-Tie Bows make giftwrapping easier than ever! Click here to read more!
9. Personalized Ribbon for your Flower Girls at your Wedding
Using colorful ribbon - including personalized ribbon - for your flower girls' decorations is a lovely way to spice up your wedding! Click to read more!
10. Personalized Ribbon
We are extremely happy to have received the following glowing review from La Mode Francaise magazine!
11. Guide To Buying A Ribbon Based On Your Needs
Ribbons. You probably see them more often than you think. You’ll find them everywhere from birthday parties and music festivals to the hair bow on that barista you have a crush on.
12. Grosgrain Ribbon: What is it and what can it be used for?
Want to know more about Grosgrain ribbon and its many decorative and craft uses? Click to read our comprehensive article about Grosgrain ribbon!