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08-08-2014 / By: Peter Kelly

Save time and make gift-wrapping easier with Satin Twist-Tie Bows.

Are you tired of the mess that you always leave behind when you’re gift-wrapping? Do you often leave ribbons or bow off of your gift-wrapping because you are short on time? If this sounds like you, I have the perfect solution for you…. twist-tie bows. Twist-tie bows are pre-tied bows that come with a twist-tie attachment making gift-wrapping a breeze. What a brilliant idea! I bet you’re wondering why you’ve never heard of these before, right? No longer will you have to struggle with rolls of ribbon, scissors, knots and loops. Now, with twist-tie bows, gift-wrapping is quick and easy with no fuss or mess.

Twist-tie bows are super time-savers and they can be used on many different types of gift-wrapping. For example, twist-tie bows are my number one choice when it comes to gift-wrapping with a cellophane gift bag. Twist-tie bows make my life so much easier as, with a quick twist of the wrist, my cellophane gift bags are instantly closed and very decorative. I have used twist-tie bows on cellophane gift bags to wrap cute wedding favors, little chocolate packages on Valentine’s day and even, little candy packets to give away on Halloween.  Twist-tie bows also make a great addition to paper gift-wrapping bags. Simply punch two holes anywhere on the top of your paper gift-wrapping bags, thread through the twist-tie portion of your twist-tie bow and that’s it. So many gifts can be wrapped this way. Use twist-tie bows on your paper gift bags for birthdays, corporate events and even on your promotional products for marketing. If you want to get even more creative, twist-tie bows make great embellishments on invitations. Isn’t that amazing? 

Best of all, twist-tie bows can be reused. Twist-tie bows can easily be untwisted and removed from a gift to be saved for another occasion. Fantastic! Not only did your life just become easier but now, you are actually saving the environment and helping your friends out too.

My favorite types of twist-tie bows are satin twist-tie bows. I love satin twist-tie bows because they are so silky-looking and they make my gift packages look so elegant and pretty. I also really love satin twist-tie bows because they come in so many different colors which makes my life easier as I can perfectly match them to any wrapping and sometimes even to a specific type of event.


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