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Ribbon Walls for weddings, home decor, corporate events and kids parties

Ribbon Walls for weddings, home decor, corporate events and kids parties
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Posted: 28-07-2014 09:22
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A one of a kind craft tutorial with ribbon: How to create a ribbon wall! Click to read more!

Ribbon walls are a fun and easy craft that you can make yourself at home. What makes ribbon walls so great is that there are SO many wonderful uses for them that once you know about ribbon walls and how to make them, you may not be able to stop yourself from creating all day long.

Ribbon walls are fantastic for kid’s rooms, for corporate events, for home décor and even for your wedding. In a child’s room, a ribbon wall can be a fun and special addition that they can enjoy walking through every day. At a corporate event, you could use a ribbon wall behind the speaker or a ribbon wall photo booth where participants can commemorate the event. In your home, you can add a ribbon wall to room to give it that extra special lift and color. At a wedding, a ribbon wall can be used as a backdrop for your ceremony. See? I wasn’t joking. And these are only a few examples of what you can do with ribbon walls. Ribbon walls are eye-catching, unique and really fun for everyone.

You can use any type of ribbon for your ribbon walls. You can use personalized ribbon or any custom printed ribbon that you may have. You can use long strands of grosgrain ribbon or organza ribbon. If you are going to use satin ribbon, I recommend that you use double face satin ribbon, as you will be able to see both sides of the satin ribbon as you walk through it or as it blows in the wind. You can use mono-colored ribbon, multi-colored ribbon, ribbons with starts, ribbons with sparkles and the list goes on. Use whatever type of ribbon you would like, varying the type of ribbon from strand to strand.


One dowel (you will be cutting this to the desired width of your ribbon wall)

Needle and thread

Several different types of ribbon that vary in width and color


1. Determine how wide you would like your ribbon wall to be. Cut your dowel to the appropriate width.

2. Determine how long your ribbon strands need to be. Add 1.5 inches to this length and cut your personalized ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, satin ribbon or organza ribbon strands to this length.

3. Fold each strand of ribbon 1.5 inches and pin it in place. This is for a ribbon loop and it will be this loop that you string up along your dowel. Sew your ribbon loop in place. Repeat this with all of your strands of ribbon that you will be using in your ribbon wall.

4. String your ribbon strands onto your dowel. Ta-da!

You can leave your new ribbon wall at home or you can easily transport it from one event to the next. Have fun and enjoy this awesome ribbon craft.

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