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Ribbon Lexicon

Ribbon Lexicon

There are so many kinds of different ribbon styles and categories, literally giving you the chance to make your decorating, garment, or scrap-booking project unique and as creative as your imagination stretches.

What are the different kinds of ribbon? They are the following:

Acetate Ribbon:
The Satin Acetate Ribbon (Also known as Florist's Satin is made from man-made fibers and it is usually first manufactured in industrial size rolls and then cut down to various width. The edges are heat fused during the cutting process to ensure the ribbon edges do not fray. Satin Acetate ribbon is characterized to have more of a "paper" like feeling to the touch. Satin Acetate ribbon is also manufactured in a waterproof version. We at FinerRibbon carry a wide variety of Satin Acetate ribbon in all colors and sizes, please click here to view.

Brocade Ribbon:
Brocade ribbon (also known as embossed ribbon) is from the shuttle-woven family of ribbons and is a richly decorative ribbon usually made from silk fibers. Often, silver or gold metallic thread is also used to enhance floral and other decorative patterns displayed on the ribbon. Brocade ribbon belongs to the Jacquard family of ribbon.

Chiffon Ribbon:
Also referred as Organza or Organdy ribbon. Chiffon ribbon is a sheer and soft ribbon made from silk or man-made fibers (usually nylon). Chiffon ribbon generally comes in solid colors with no patterns on the ribbon. We at FinerRibbon, have a lovely range of Chiffon ribbon available in a wide range of colors and sizes, please click here to view our collection of Chiffon ribbon.

Cut Edge Ribbon:
Cut Edge ribbon is produced by cutting it down to size from industrial width size textile or fabric. Made from man-made fibers, cut edge ribbon is generally stiffer from other kinds of ribbon and is excellent for gift packaging or decorations because, due to its stiffness, keeps the full bodied shapes of bows and loops.

Damask Ribbon:
Damask ribbon is also known as Damascus ribbon (from where it has historically originated) and is a woven ribbon characterized by highly decorative floral, figural, or geometric pattersn. Damask ribbon is reversible and is also produced in monochromatic weaves in silk or other synthetic fibers. Damask ribbon belongs to the Jacquard family of ribbon.

Dobby Ribbon:
Dobby ribbon is the general term given to all ribbon manufactured by Dobby Looms. A Dobby Loom is a type of floor loom that controls the whole warp threads using a device called a dobby.

Feather Edge Ribbon:
Also known as Picot Edge Ribbon in the floral industry, Feather Edge ribbon is a ribbon that has continuous small loops (called "feathers") running along both edges of the ribbon. Feather edge ribbon is generally a double face satin ribbon. To view the full FinerRibbon collection of Feather Edge Ribbon at cheap prices, please click here.

French Wire Ribbon :
Also known as Wire Edged Ribbon, French Wire ribbon is referred to ribbon that has a very fine wire woven directly into both edges of the ribbon. French wire ribbon comes in solid colors or patterned prints or weaves.

Gingham Ribbon:
A fabric woven of dyed yarns that create a block or checkered effect.

Grosgrain Ribbon:
Grosgrain ribbon is a ribbon which has a vertically grooved surface across the width of the ribbon. Grosgrain ribbon can be printed on or personalized only by Hot Stamp printing. High quality grosgrain ribbon (known as garment grade quality) is made from 100% polyester thread and is always colorfast. We at FinerRibbon carry the most complete line of grosgrain ribbon in all sizes and colors, click here to view!

Hot Stamp Printed Ribbon:
Hot Stamp printed ribbon is when the ribbon is printed on using a process where a solid plastic foil literally stamped on the ribbon with a hot plate. Hot stamp printing can be in metallic and non-metallic colors and is a fantastic way to capture logos, fonts, or artwork which have fine lines and details.

Jacquard Ribbon:
Jacquard ribbon is referred to ribbon that is produced by a Jacquard loom. Jacquard looms can produce amazingly intricate and complex designs. Brocade and Damask ribbon belong to the Jacquard family of ribbon.

Lacquer Dot Ribbon (printed):
Lacquer Dot Ribbon is ribbon which is printed with a thick and viscous lacquer. Generally, the printing is done only with white lacquer due to environmental and health regulations, and when done on velvet ribbon, the designs created give off a three dimensional look.

Lamé Ribbon:
Lamé Ribbon is the type of ribbon that is woven or knit with metallic threads (gold, silver, copper). Lamé ribbon is available in sheer or solid ribbon variations.

Merrowed Ribbon:
Merrowed ribbon contains a narrow wire or monofilament yarn embedded on both sides to easily create three dimensional bows.

Metallic Ribbon:
Metallic ribbon is referred to all types of ribbon that have metallic, shiny, colors. The metallic look can be the result of the ribbon being woven with metallic threat or printed on with metallic ink or foil.

Mini-Jac Ribbon:
Mini-Jac Ribbon is all ribbon produced by a Mini-Jac loom. A Mini-Jac loom is used to produce complex and intricate designs and patterns on narrow ribbons.

Moire Ribbon:
Moire Ribbon is a ribbon type that has a wavy (as if sea wave or sound wave) pattern or design. Moire Ribbon is usually produced with silk thread but there are also versions available with cotton, rayon, or wool thread.

Nylon Ribbon:
Nylon Ribbon is ribbon that is made from nylon threads. Nylon ribbon is characterized by being a high gloss or shine ribbon. The FinerRibbon organza & chiffon ribbon is made from high quality nylon threads, click here to view!

Organza Ribbon:
Also known as Chiffon Ribbon or Organdy Ribbon. Please refer to the description of chiffon ribbon above. Click here to view the full range of Organza Ribbon available for purchase at FinerRibbon.

Paper Raffia Ribbon:
Paper Raffia Ribbon is a narrow textured ribbon made from recyclable and degradable paper. The width of paper raffia ribbon does not exceed the 1/4" size and is a highly popular ribbon for use with floral decorations. We at FinerRibbon carry a large selection of colors of paper raffia ribbon, click here to visit our paper raffia ribbon page.

Personalized Ribbon:
Personalized ribbon is ribbon that is custom printed with custom logos and text. The printing can be done Hot Stamp, Offset, Screen Printing, Digital, and several other methods. Personalized ribbon is one of the best ways to add that special touch to any decorating project, whether it's corporate or personal such as a wedding or birthday. Here at FinerRibbon, we offer the best personalized ribbon service and nobody can beat our prices! Click here to check out all personalized ribbon offered by FinerRibbon. 

Picot-Edge Ribbon:
Also known as Feather Edge Ribbon, please refer to Feather Edge ribbon above.

Plaid Ribbon:
Plaid Ribbon is also known as Tartan ribbon (Scot's Ribbon). Produced by using a particular kind of loom (plaid loom), plaid ribbon is a characterized with having multiple patterns of symmetric straight lines intersecting with lots of different filling colors.

Polyester Ribbon:
Polyester Ribbon is ribbon that is made from Polyester thread. Without a doubt, all ribbon made from polyester thread is classified to be the best ribbon as it is colorfast, extremely durable for garment use and is washable and dry cleanable. As our commitment to offering high quality ribbon, almost all ribbon available at FinerRibbon is made from Polyester thread, such as our satin ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, and double face satin ribbon.

Satin Ribbon:
The mother of all ribbon, satin ribbon is a ribbon which has a smooth and silky surface. Satin Ribbon is available in both single face or double face versions. Single face satin ribbon is where you have a smooth and silky surface on one side of the ribbon (the front), and a slightly coarser side on the other (the back or taffeta side). Double face satin ribbon has a smooth and silky finish on both sides. We at FinerRibbon have the largest collection of satin ribbon available for international markets. Click here to view our single face satin ribbon and click here to view our double face satin ribbon.

Screen Printed Ribbon:
Screen printed ribbon is a ribbon which is printed with the screen printing method. Screen printing is a process of printing where liquid ink is applied to the ribbon through a mesh screen. Screen printing is generally used for garments as it is washable and in some cases, dry cleanable.

Sheer Ribbon:
Also known as Chiffon Ribbon. Please review chiffon ribbon above.

Taffeta Ribbon:
Taffeta ribbon is also known as "twisted woven ribbon" and is a highly versatile, crisp and plain woven ribbon made from silk or synthetic fibers.

Tulle Ribbon:
Tulle Ribbon is a ribbon made from nylon mesh.

Twill Tape:
Twill tape is a flat ribbon made from twill woven cotton, polyester or wool thread. Twill tape made from linen is also produced.

Woven Edge Ribbon:
Woven edge ribbon is a ribbon that is woven to the complete width of the ribbon.

Here at FinerRibbon, we carry the best and highest quality of all decorating ribbon so contact us and let us know how we can help with your next project!