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Reusable storage ideas for personalized & custom ribbon.

Reusable storage ideas for personalized & custom ribbon.
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Posted: 29-09-2014 08:27
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A new tutorial on how to properly store and display your ribbon and avoid tangling messes or wrinkel damage to your rolls. Click to read more!

If you are a big fan of reusing and recycling then you are going to love these DIY ribbon crafts. These fun and creative crafts are all fantastic ways to help the environment by reducing your waste while also helping to organize all of those extra ribbon rolls that you have lying around your house.

Mason jars or other old glass jars as ribbon organizers

Glass jars make great reusable ribbon storage containers. They look decorative on their own and we love that you can see through glass jars making it very easy to find ribbon that you need in a hurry. You can use any old glass jars or if you are going for a more retro decorative look, use old mason jars. You can stack your jars on top of each other to maximize your space or you can line them up along a wall as art… whatever suits you best. Any type of ribbon can be stored in mason jars including all of your personalized ribbon, your custom ribbon, satin ribbon, grosgrain and organza ribbon. You can even categorize your ribbon storage jars into wedding ribbon, birthday ribbon, printed ribbon, etc.

Plastic soda bottles as ribbon storage

We always have extra plastic soda bottles lying around the office and we absolutely hate throwing out all that plastic. Plastic soda bottles make great reusable ribbon storage containers. Cut a 5mm wide slit down the side of a 2L plastic soda bottle. Slide your ribbon wheels down into the plastic bottle with the loose ends coming out of the slit. That’s it! Now you have a great new way to store your satin, organza or grosgrain ribbon while saving the planet. Yeah!

Old tackle boxes as ribbon organizer

If you have an old tackle box or if you come across one at a garage sale, these boxes are excellent for storing ribbon. You can sort all your leftover pieces of double face satin or chiffon ribbon in the top compartments while the big bottom compartment is great for storing your personalized satin ribbon or your personalized grosgrain ribbon. You can tuck your tack box away so that your ribbon clutter is hidden and out of your mind.

Old drawers as ribbon storage

You can use old drawers to store your custom ribbon inside the dressers themselves or you can even just stack extra draws that you have into a decorative ribbon organizer cabinet. Insert several rods into your drawer at even intervals. Make sure that the rods are placed high enough in the drawer so that your ribbon wheels can fit underneath and yet still turn freely when you are pulling out personalized ribbon. Arrange your ribbon wheels along the rods and secure them inside the drawer. This is a pretty and effective way to reuse old drawers as storage for your personalized or custom ribbon.

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