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Washable Personalized Ribbon

Created 14-02-2020 14:20
Last Modified 14-02-2020 14:43

While there are a lot of companies in the market that offer personalized ribbon services, we here at FinerRibbon are one of the few companies that offer custom printed ribbon that is machine washable and suitable for outdoor use such as sports gears and equipment.

Most companies that do printing on ribbon use printing methods such as Hot Stamping (also known as Foil Stamping) or offset printing. While we offer the same kind of printing services, in addition we also have the washable printed ribbon servicewhich is done by a unique printing process, using specialty inks and after printing curing system. This enables the printing to be fully washable and guaranteed not to fade or lose colour for the lifetime of the ribbon, which makes it ideal for garments and clothing, as well as permanent accessories such as key fobs, lanyards, etc.

The major aspect that sets us apart from our competitors when it comes to washable custom printed ribbon though is two very important points: First, our washable printed ribbon can be done in single colour or multiple colours (unlimited number of colours actually), and second, there are no limitations on the size of the artwork we can print on the ribbon.

These two points offer an excellent advantage to our clients, because while there are a few other companies out there that do offer washable printed ribbon, they can only offer 1 or 2 colour printing whereas we can print in unlimited colours which allows our clients to print their logos in actual colours or in the case of garments or decorations, they can have the printing match their exact project criteria as far as colours and trends are concerned. As for the second point, every one of our competitors have a limitation of 9 or 12 inches maximum for the size of the artwork but with us there is no such limitation, so whatever design or artwork our clients have, regardless of its size and dimensions, we can print very easily on the ribbon.

In short, we offer unlimited flexibility to our clients and that is what makes our washable printed ribbon service stand out from what the rest of the market offers.

Finally, our production times are quite fast so the bottom line is that we offer our clients unlimited flexibility in every aspect they need and that is why our washable printed ribbon service receives excellent reviews and praise.

So contact us today and our design staff will be happy to help you in any way you need for your next washable printed ribbon project!

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