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Full Color Printed Ribbon

Created 14-02-2020 14:17
Last Modified 14-02-2020 14:43

Do you have a project where you need to use personalized ribbon but need to have two or more colours printed on the ribbon? Look no further, FinerRibbon is the only company that offers full colour printing on satin or grosgrain ribbon!

Our Multicolor Printed Ribbon allows our clients to have full colour logos and artworks printed on satin or grosgrain ribbon, with absolutely no limitations on the number of colours we can use! We have done projects where we have printed designs with more than twelve colours on ribbon, and this is a perfect solution to companies that wish to keep their full branding colours on all their promotional material.

Additionally, our full colour printed ribbon service has the added advantage of being colourfast and fully washable - this means it can be used for garments, outdoor decorations, corporate gifts and even safety equipment! The colours are guaranteed to last the lifetime of the ribbon, and as we are already known to do, we only use the best premium satin and grosgrain ribbon for all our personalized ribbon projects.

Our Multicolor Printed Satin Ribbon is available in rolls of 100 yards and in five standard ribbon sizes and thanks to our advanced experience and modern machinery, we are always able to guarantee our clients super fast production times.

So ask us about our full colour printed ribbon services and let us show you a world of new possibilities for decorations and events!

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