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Using satin center organza ribbon for personalized ribbon projects.

Using satin center organza ribbon for personalized ribbon projects.
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Posted: 27-03-2014 15:38
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Always a fantastic choice of ribbon to use for personalized decorations, click here to read how our Satin Center Organza ribbon is perfect for custom printed decorations for all kinds of events!

One of our favourite ribbons to work with is the satin center organza ribbon, which is just a fantastic ribbon to use for decorations for bridal or marketing events - especially when it is custom printed with logos or type.

A project we worked on recently using this type of ribbon was one where our client requested with print her company name  with white foil on Royal Orchid color ribbon. The satin center organza ribbon (also known as Garbo ribbon), comes in two sizes: 5/8 and 1-1/2 inches, both of which provide very good printing space so printing custom logos or highly decorative typefaces always gives a good result.

For this project, we used the 5/8 inch size ribbon and what is interesting is that in this case, our client requested a print gap of 2 inches between each imprint of her company name. Usually, when it comes to branding or marketing usage, we prefer to maximize the number of prints on the ribbon so we advise our clients to use 1 inch gap or less as this would increase the visibility of their company name or brand/logo, but in this case, the 2 inch gap actually worked quite well and the finished ribbon looked very elegant and trendy.

Custom printed satin center organza ribbon by FinerRibbon.

The typeface used in such projects also plays a big role and in our opinion, that is why the ribbon looked so good with the 2 inch print gap. Our client requested the Monotype Corsiva font for this project and as the above picture shows, it was a fantastic choice for this size of ribbon and the print spacing used.

The satin center organza ribbon is also a phenomenal ribbon to use for personal events such as birthdays, baby showers, or weddings - especially weddings! The organza edges of the ribbon give it an unmatched elegance that we think is just made for bridal occasions and weddings.

Available in a wide range of ribbon colors and our always big selection of ink colors, this is the perfect ribbon to use for custom printing projects, the results will always be very beautiful and we are sure our clients will just love them as well.

Contact us and let us know if personalized satin center organza ribbon would be good for your project, we'd love to help you with it!

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