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Blog Specialists in printing very large designs and...
07-03-2014 / By: Peter Kelly

Specialists in printing very large designs and artworks on ribbon!

One of the most common questions our clients ask us is: What is the maximum size that my artwork can be when it comes to personalized ribbon? Basically what is the maximum size of an image or the maximum number of characters that we can print on ribbon.

Well, our happy answer is always: No limitations at all!

Unlike other ribbon printing companies who have a limit on the length of the artwork, we can print as large an artwork or as many characters or logos in one single imprint. In one case, we had a bride and groom print their entire love story on the ribbon - at the end of the project, everybody here felt like we were with them all the way through their love story!

Our clients are always pleasantly surprised when we tell them that we have no limitations on size of the artwork when it comes to personalized ribbon. We can actually do this because of two reasons: (1) Our years of experience in printing on ribbon and (2) We always update our machines and invest in new technology.

Printed ribbon is a small part of decorations and corporate branding, but it is one that makes an immediate impression on the beholder and that is why we are never afraid, and we actually dedicate weekly time to experiment with different techniques, foil, inks and ribbon.

That's why we have found foolproof ways of being able to print any size artwork on ribbon. Whether it be logos, special typeface and font styles, absolutely anything at all, we can print easily and quickly.

A recent project we worked on was the ribbon we did below. In this case we had a large logo that needed to be printed on 1-1/2 inch ribbon. The client had been turned away from other companies because they could not print the logo in the size they wanted. Whomever they inquired with, the client had been advised that they needed to make the logo smaller - which defeats the purpose of using such a wide ribbon, not to mention compromising on the brand visibility. So when they approached us, the first thing we did was prepare a sample artwork and guarantee that we can print the logo in any vertical or horizontal size they needed. After fine turning the print gap spacing and the size of the logo even more (we actually ended up finalizing it at a larger size than they first wanted), we set up our machines and printed the ribbon with beautiful results:

Printing extremely large size artworks on satin ribbon by FInerRibbon.

For this project, we used Royal Blue satin ribbon and the logo was printed using silver metallic foil with a print gap of 1 between each repeat.

So if you have a project where you need to print very large artworks on satin ribbon, give us a call and let us know the details, we guarantee that we will be able to help you with your project.


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