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Blog Printing wedding website links on satin ribbon....
06-03-2014 / By: Peter Kelly

Printing wedding website links on satin ribbon.

When it comes to wedding planning and preparations, creating a website for the upcoming wedding is a very popular thing with couples. It's a great way to show off personal styles and wedding themes and in a lot of cases, the bridal couple do the website in the same design and style as their wedding invitations and overall decorations - basically creating a complete look for both their digital and physical decorations and invitations.

Recently, our client Allison had the brilliant idea of ordering personalized satin ribbon printed with the URL of her wedding site. This is a fantastic idea, especially when it comes to sending out physical wedding invitations or pre wedding favors (which is also getting to be a very popular idea). This way the wedding website URL and link would have the opportunity for maximum exposure and all the invitees to the wedding would be able to see and browse to the site easily. What makes printing this URL on the ribbon a great idea is because the wedding website is a very convenient tool for brides to let all her invitees know about updates leading up to the happy occasion and reminding friends and family of the URL by printing it on the ribbon is one additional way of making sure everybody knows about it.

For this ribbon, we used the half inch satin ribbon and the printing is in Gold Metallic foil. When it comes to URL's, it is always a good idea to have the lettering in an easy to read typeface and the client's choice in this case was the Garamond typeface which allowed for perfect readability and visibility of the link. Finally with a print gap of two inches separating each imprint, the start and end of the URL link was perfectly defined - which is extremely useful to make sure the URL is read correctly.

Personalized satin ribbon with wedding website URL.

It's always a joy for us to see our clients using our personalized ribbon in new ways and printing a wedding website URL was something we'd never done before but you learn something new every day! The results, as shown in the image above, are just fantastic and we hope more brides will consider this sort of ribbon for their wedding decorations - or keep on giving us more fantastic ideas!


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