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20-02-2010 / By: Peter Kelly

Personalized Ribbon

We are extremely happy to have received the following glowing review from La Mode Francaise magazine (translated): A very popular item with decorating projects is personalized ribbon - also known as printed ribbon. Very simply, personalized ribbon is the process of having custom artwork or a phrase printed on satin, grosgrain, or organza ribbon. The printing process can be either:

  • Off-set printing: The process of transferring the ink on the ribbon by a rotary drum.
  • Hot-stamping: The process of transferring the ink on the ribbon by a hot metal plate pressing an ink foil on the ribbon.

This is why personalized ribbon is very popular with a variety of decorating projects; whether it's crafts, bridal decorations, birthdays or even product advertising, personalized ribbon is a great way for the decorator to send out a special message with the decorations.

When used for bridal decorations, for example, the bride (or groom for that matter) can have personalized ribbon with their names and wedding date printed on satin or grosgrain ribbon. A good example of this would be something like "John & Jane ~ May 15, 2010" printed repeatedly on the ribbon. The print would be separated by a print interval of x amount of inches so that the ribbon may also be cut and tied to bows or for whatever length of ribbon the decorating project requires.

Similarly, personalized ribbon can also be used very effectively for gift wrapping, birthdays, holidays, baptisms... Quite simply any event you can think of! Another very effective use of personalized ribbon is for product advertising and corporate branding; Every time we go to a mall and browse through the perfume and cosmetics stands, we can't help but notice how beautifully several perfume and cosmetics products are all bundled together in a cellophane package and tied with a neat bow at the top with personalized ribbon which has the perfume or cosmetics brand printed on it. This makes for very effective advertising and product marketing which, based on the amount of money spent on perfumes and cosmetics in our household, is very effective indeed!

So, this leads to the inevitable questions: What is the difference between off-set and hot-stamping personalized and is there a difference in quality between these two different methods? More simply put, which printing method is best for which use of personalized ribbon? The answer is very simple. With off-set printed personalized ribbon, you will not have any metallic colors such as metallic (also known as glossy) silver or metallic gold.

All colors printed with off-set printing are matte colors, on the other hand though, off-set printing is - when a special ink is used - is washable and can be used with garments as well. Hot-stamped personalized ribbon is not washable and less robust than off-set printing in the sense that if handled too much (such as attempting to tie a bow with the same piece of ribbon more than a few times) the ink will peel off the ribbon. This is specially true if the hot-stamp is not done the correct way. The advantage of hot-stamp printing though is that it will allow for the printing of metallic and shiny colors, such as metallic gold and metallic silver among other colors, on the ribbon.

So, how can we choose a reliable company for personalized ribbon? Be sure to choose a company that actually does the printing and the artwork preparation in-house. This way, the client will be able to work directly with the print technician rather than a middle man. The best company that I've worked with for personalized ribbon so far is without a doubt FinerRibbon. I don't say this lightly; the level of service along with the quality of their merchandise should very well be the envy of other companies. The FinerRibbon personalized ribbon service offers probably the widest color range for both ink colors as well as ribbon colors in a variety of sizes.

Their personalized ribbon order page (click on this link to view) allows the client to order personalized ribbon through a very easy to use interface quite efficiently and with absolutely any custom artwork they need. The best things about personalized ribbon from FinerRibbon.com are exactly what every client would need but which almost no other ribbon printing company offers: No matter what print color you choose (metallic or non-metallic), the ink will not smudge, peel off or fade in any way no matter how many times the ribbon is handled. This is such a relief for decorating users because no matter how much the ribbon is handled, it will always look top notch.

Another good thing about FinerRibbon.com is that they seem to be using large plates on their printing machines. What does this mean? Quite simply that they are able to print longer artworks than other ribbon printing companies do. So let's say the client would want to print, "Happy Birthday Jane ~ Sweet Sixteen ~ May 15, 2010" and add a nice cake emblem with it, most printing companies will not be able to print such a long phrase, but it's not a problem with FinerRibbon. The third advantage that they offer - and this is the best - is the fact that they do not require any minimum order quantities for personalized ribbon orders.

Every other company we tested required at least 5 or 10 rolls plus a one time "plate charge", but with FinerRibbon they are able to take orders as small as 1 roll which is perfect for small weddings or birthdays, and they don't charge any additional fees for plates or set-ups. In conclusion, personalized ribbon is a great way to enhance any decorating project and - with the right color combination - make it look trendy and elegant in an inexpensive way. Just make sure to choose a color combination that goes well with your project ;-).


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