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Dots, dots dots! We offer a huge range of Polka Dot ribbon in satin, grosgrain, and organza all equally beautiful and just so much fun to use for any decorating project! From a combined color selection of 28 colors and sizes, choose our Polka Dot Ribbon and give your decorations a playful look!

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What is Polka Dot Ribbon?

Polka dot ribbon is, precisely as the name describes, ribbon with a continuous polka dot pattern on it. The pattern can be one where it is printed, or woven on the ribbon from scratch as the ribbon itself is being produced, though for the sake of keeping production costs low, the majority of polka dot ribbon found in the market nowadays is of the printed variety. This does not mean that the printed polka dot is inferior to the woven kind, quite the contrary, thanks to advances in dye sublimation or screen printing technologies, printed polka dot ribbon is permanent and guaranteed for the lifetime of the ribbon.


Different kinds of polka dot ribbon

There are different kinds of polka dot ribbon categorized by both the type of ribbon used as well as the style of polka dots themselves on the ribbon.

As far as the different kinds of ribbon used for manufacturing polka dot ribbon, there are truly no limitations and we can have this kind of ribbon using all kinds, with the main categories being:

As for the style of polka dot patterns used on the ribbon, we can have styles ranging from large dots, mini dots, or medium size dots all laid out in a pattern of various spacing layouts. There are no particular usage criteria for the different styles, basically it comes down to personal taste and preference – whatever suits the decorating purposes.


General usage of polka dot ribbon

They are extremely popular for decorations for personal events as well as commercial purposes. The most popular commercial uses are for chocolate decorations, cakes, bakeries, and promotional gift packaging. Personal events range from weddings, birthdays, birthdays as well as many other occasions.

This kind of ribbon can also be used for clothing and garments, particularly for children’s clothing, specially with summer and spring fashion clothing.

Polka dot ribbon are also extremely popular for using with wedding favors and other items such as stuffed animal and toys – adding a bow to a stuffed teddy bear for example immediately gives it a welcoming and cheerful look. It is truly a style of ribbon that adds beauty to any project.


Price comparison between plain and polka dot ribbon

An advantage of this ribbon is that it is not an expensive ribbon at all, as a matter of fact the price per roll for the different sizes and styles is comparable to their classic counterpart plain style ribbons. That’s why it’s a perfect alternative to upgrade the look of any decorating or gift wrapping project inexpensively, for example instead of using regular satin ribbon, one can use polka dot satin ribbon without exceeding the budget for the project to be used in.

We carry all major styles of polka dot ribbon and provide them in wide range of colors and sizes for each style. Our collection is also available with wholesale pricing for bulk and commercial orders, simply contact our customer support staff for details on wholesale pricing and we will be happy to provide full details