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Blog Personalized Wedding Ribbons...
26-09-2013 / By: Peter Kelly

Personalized Wedding Ribbons

Finer Ribbon always wants to keep evolving and provide options in creativity and technology. If your wedding favors are simple (samples of your favourite coffee, chocolate almonds, or perhaps a small succulent), and you want to use ribbon not only to add color but also a personal reminder of the event being celebrated, then our personalized wedding ribbon can do exactly that. You have the option to customize your ribbon with your names, a word or image, or even with your own color photos.

DIY is becoming more and more of a trend in weddings and events, as couples want to be both cost effective as well as personal in expressing their style and creativity in the details. One of the ways we have seen ribbon be used creatively in the wedding scene lately is ribbon roses on cakes or to make up bouquets. This is a great option for couples having fall or winter weddings, as it eliminates the worry of flowers wilting or not blooming in time if they are being ordered or imported in. Ribbon bouquets also mean it becomes a keepsake that lasts, whether people want to keep it intact or separate to keep just part for memory's sake.

Ribbon also serves as a simple and striking option for ceremony backdrops, and would definitely help create memorable, gorgeous photographs. This would be a very feasible project since the main materials would be a beam or rod and ribbon. A statement piece like this could then be used at the reception as a backdrop for group photos or photo booths.

Whether the decor is minimalist or DIY-heavy, ribbon is an easy way to bring consistency in aesthetic or color theme. For instance, it can be introduced in the wedding invitation, used at the bridal shower, stag/stagette, the couple can use it on their thank-you gifts to family and friends, in bouquets and boutonnieres, centerpieces, wedding favors, and finally, with the thank-you cards.

Double sided satin ribbon is the go-to wedding ribbon, and the sleek finish of the material definitely states elegance. Similarly, organza sends the same visual message of sophistication, but offers a more textured finish to work with, depending on preference and the specific project. With variety of colors, textures and personalized options, Finer Ribbon's products are perfect to use in making your wedding classic but still creatively yours.


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