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Blog Personalized satin ribbon with a modern font...
03-07-2012 / By: Peter Kelly

Personalized satin ribbon with a modern font style and look.

Among the most popular personalized ribbon styles that we recieve is the one where the names of the couple are not separated with spaces but instead with a bolder "&" sign. The following image is a perfect example of this sort of layout:

Printed satin ribbon by FinerRibbon

Obviously, this sort of layout does not work well with all font styles, but it's perfect when using a Sans-Serif font for a personalized ribbon project.

This sort of layout on a personalized ribbon is quite trendy. The printing comes across clear and sharp with no distractions and the best thing about it is that it focuses only on the couples' names so it's a perfect addition to any favor box or invitation card.

From our experience, we think that this sort of layout works great with most ribbon sizes except the 1/4" size ribbon. That's because the 1/4" ribbon is just too narrow to properly show the full effects of the combined bold and regular fonts.

If you are a bride or groom looking to get personalized ribbon with a modern look, we'd highly recommend using this kind of layout to get a very trendy, yet elegant at the same time, type of look.

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