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Blog Personalized Ribbon – This Modern Marketing...
01-12-2014 / By: Peter Kelly

Personalized Ribbon – This Modern Marketing Tool Explained

Image has always been very important in all facets of life. Remember how much time and care you put into how you look and dress every day? Do you take this same amount of time, attention and care when it comes to the image of your business? If you don’t already, then you definitely should. Image is particularly important when it comes to a business and its success.

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What image do you want your business to have? Do you want your business to come across as professional and reliable or do you want your business to come across as fun and playful? No matter what type of image you want your business to have, it is important to create a cohesive look across all of your branding and marketing materials. In order to do this, every company should have a website, business card and stationery printed with your company name and logo. Many companies also have employee t-shirts and hats printed with their businesses name and logo on them as well. But, is there anything else that you can do to help expand your reach and market your business? The answer is YES. Personalized ribbon is a great new marketing tool that can build your brand, strengthening your client base and entice new customers.

Build Your Brand and Enhance Your Products with Personalized Ribbon

Personalized ribbon can be used in two ways to build your brand. Custom printed ribbon can be attached to your individual products themselves or they can be used to beautify any of the wrapping or packaging for your product. Both of these methods are known to be very effective at building a brand’s image. If your product stands alone on a shelf, a personalized ribbon with your logo and company name on it will help your customers to more easily identify your brand and to build a lasting connection to your company and its products. If your product comes wrapped in packaging, the addition of personalized ribbon that features your company logo and brand name make your packaging even more beautiful and professional looking. Personalized ribbon goes a long way in terms of making your product attractive to potential buyers and it will help your clients to gain more confidence in your products or services.  

Personalized Ribbon also helps you to increase logo and brand recognition among your customers

The more that your customers see your logo and company name, the better. We are becoming more and more of a visual culture and it is becoming more and more important in business today that your customers be able to recognize your business or products quickly and easily with only a few visual cues. Personalized ribbon offer your business an affordable way to get your name out there to more and more people. By printing your logo on satin ribbon, organza ribbon or grosgrain ribbon and attaching this custom printed ribbon to your products, you will be increasing the visibility of your brand and increasing its overall brand recognition. Beautiful personalized ribbons also show your customers that you take pride in your product and that you care about the little details that truly make a difference.


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