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Blog Personalized ribbon for all markets...
02-05-2012 / By: Peter Kelly

Personalized ribbon for all markets

We deal with numerous inquiries on a daily basis which ask: "Does FinerRibbon offer personalized ribbon for sale to international clients?"

The short answer is of course, yes! Actually there is no long answer :-) the plain fact is that we offer our ribbon for sale to all countries of the world.

When FinerRibbon opened its doors for business, naturally our primary aim was to first create a strong foot hold as a reputable and reliable personalized ribbon company in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. From there on we increased our exposure through our satin ribbon website to all provinces of Canada. During this period, we kept on experimenting with different layouts and means to ensure that the FinerRibbon website was easily understandable and accurately displayed our products in such a way that even non-English speaking clients would be able to easily navigate the site and make a purchase according to their satin, grosgrain, chiffon, or personalized ribbon needs.

The purpose of the FinerRibbon website is not to boast about the wide range of personalized ribbon options that we offer, rather it is there to present them to our clients. We showcase our satin ribbon collection in an comfortable manner where the colours are displayed accurately without bothering our clients with useless information on how good we are, but rather how good of a service we can be to them.

Thus, as a personalized ribbon company in Montreal, we are happy to offer our service and support to both our local market as well as our international clients. We strive to offer the best customer service and we're proud to say that we are succeeding in that as evidence from the testimonials our clients give us, some of which we've displayed on the FinerRibbon testimonial page. We are able to offer personalized ribbon printed in any language and we look forward to helping you with your next project!


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