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Organza ribbon adds that undisputed touch of elegance to any decorating or garment project, and when that organza ribbon is from the FinerRibbon collection or 52 magnificent colors and multiple sizes, then you are sure your project will be a memorable one! Our organza ribbon is ideal for any kind of decorating project, whether it is a birthday, a wedding or a shower! Our Organza ribbon is soft enough to be delicate yet stiff enough to hold any bow or decorating shape you need to create. Browse our colors below and benefit from our low prices!


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Willow Organza Ribbon
Willow Organza Ribbon
Wine Organza Ribbon
Wine Organza Ribbon
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Our price: CAD $10.08 (USD $ 7.86)
Our price: CAD $10.08 (USD $ 7.86)

Willow Organza (Chiffon) Ribbon (100% Nylon) in spools of 100 Yds.

Wine Organza (Chiffon) Ribbon (100% Nylon) in spools of 100 Yds.

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The Enduring Presence of Organza Ribbon

Without a doubt, Organza Ribbon is probably the most enduring staple style of ribbon used for decorations as well as clothing – Especially wedding dresses and bridal decorations. A semi-transparent ribbon, usually made from nylon or polyester thread, organza ribbon is available in many sizes and colors and always in demand. Due to the low cost of this ribbon, it is usually available in bulk rolls of 100 yards per roll and comes with mono-filament edge, wired edge, or plain woven edge.


The Difference Between Organza & Chiffon Ribbon

At first glance, chiffon and organza ribbon look the same. They are both semi-transparent, gauze like, and translucent, however there is one fundamental difference between them, which is the fact that chiffon is a softer fabric whereas organza has a bit of a stiffness to it. This stiffness of the organza ribbon is actually an advantage because this means that any bows or loops done with organza ribbon retain their shape and have a “full body” look, whereas bows and loops made with chiffon ribbon fall flat tend to look a bit slinky. Regardless however, both are extremely popular and safe options to use for any decorating or garment project.


Different Usage of Organza Ribbon

Due to its elegance and easy of use, organza ribbon can be found being used almost anywhere, whether it is for commercial decorations such as store displays, product packaging, or personal events such as weddings, birthdays, and other occasions. Perhaps the most popular use of this kind of ribbon in the commercial sector is with high end chocolate stores and bakeries. Nine out of ten, any boxed chocolate on display in specialty stores or even big box retailers will be decorated or packaged with organza ribbon, because it causes the presentation of the chocolate box to be elevated to a high end look.

This usage also extends to companies that specialize in making custom chocolate favors – individually wrapping them with organza ribbon. These kinds of favors are quite popular for a wide variety of events and a bow or a simple ribbon tied around the cellophane holding the favor immediately gives it a very elegant look without adding too much for the overall cost of each favor.

Of course when it comes to bridal decorations, organza ribbon is relied on heavily for decorations. Not only ribbons, but one would also see a lot of organza and chiffon fabric used for anything from chair covers to large streamers for wall or table decorations.


Is It Possible to Personalize Organza Ribbon?

Yes, however all not all ribbon printing methods are suitable for printing on organza ribbon. The gauze like surface of the organza ribbon is compatible with only a few methods of printing so when personalizing it, the best printing methods are Off-set printing and Dye Sublimation. Any other print method will not allow the printing to show well and the porous surface of the organza or chiffon ribbon.

Overall, this type of ribbon is a wonderful option to use for almost any project that requires ribbon. The cost per yard is very low and the addition of just a small piece of organza ribbon to any decoration will immediately change the whole perception of the project and add a beautiful touch to it.