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Blog Light blue satin ribbon personalized with brown...
03-03-2014 / By: Peter Kelly

Light blue satin ribbon personalized with brown foil for a baby boy shower!

Some colors never go out of trend, that is especially true when it comes to baby shower decorations where depending on the gender of the newborn, blue ribbon and decorations are used for baby boys and pink ribbon and decorations are used for baby girls.

Recently we had the chance to do custom printed ribbon for Marianne's baby shower, and since the new addition to her family is a baby boy, she asked for light blue satin ribbon, personalized with dark brown ink color. This color combination is a tried and tested classic which never goes out of style and perfect for a baby boy shower.

Personalized light blue satin ribbon with brown foil.

The requirement for this printing was that we use a playful looking font and an equally fun emblem. Usually, for baby boy shower ribbons, we focus on emblems that illustrate baby boys or toys and rattlers, but in this case, the client herself actually came up with the wonderful idea of using a teddy bear emblem. So we did a search in our database of emblems - we have over eight thousand different emblems for any kind of event - and finally we decided on a teddy bear emblem which is drawn in a way that has its arms wide open and a smile on its face. The addition of this emblem immediately caused the entire artwork to be an overwhelmingly cheerful one which was the main criteria of the custom printed ribbon.

The satin ribbon size we used for this project was 1/2 inch so we decided to use the full width of the artwork to maximize the visibility of the emblem as well as the letters and so the printed artwork on the ribbon offers fantastic visibility.

Printed ribbon projects like this are always a joy to work on, and thanks to our expertise, we can do any sort of artwork of layout for both baby shower or even bridal shower decorations so contact us today and let us know if we can help with any of your upcoming projects, we'd be happy to!


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