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How to Store Ribbons as Display Art

How to Store Ribbons as Display Art
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Posted: 01-08-2014 12:17
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More often than not, ribbon is used to showcase and decorate gifts and items, but how about making ribbon itself the centerpiece of an art display? It will definitely give fantastic results, click here to read more!

Are you looking for a decorative and fancy way to store your ribbon? If you are, there are tons of great ideas where you can store your ribbon as display art. These little art projects are a great way to get rid of some clutter in your house while making unique and beautiful pieces of art. Ribbon is so beautiful and with its many different types (satin ribbon, organza ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, personalized ribbon, etc) and colors, ribbon makes great pieces of art for your home. Here are a few ribbon art ideas to inspire you and get you started.

Repurposed picture frame ribbon holder

This is my favorite ribbon art project and it is a fantastic way to transform some of those old frames into vintage wall art. You can use any old frame for this diy art project but I find that an old wooden frame gives it that extra special retro look. Paint your frame any color. Buy some wooden dowels from your local craft store as well as rod brackets. Attach the rod brackets to the back of the frame and fix your wooden dowels into place. Slide your ribbon rolls onto the dowels and make sure that you leave yourself an extra piece of ribbon that you can tie to the top of your frame so that you can hang it anywhere. The more colorful types of ribbon, the better. Also, use as many different types of ribbon as possible for a nice textured look. Grosgrain ribbon, organza ribbon, double face satin ribbon, personalized ribbon and custom ribbon all work well. This is a beautiful piece of art that you will be proud to hang anywhere in your house.

Hand towel or jewelry rack ribbon on holder

If you have an extra hand towel rack or one of those jewelry trees, this is a lovely way to make decorative tree art with all the extra ribbon that you need to store. This diy craft is really easy as all the pieces are already in place. Simply slide your ribbon rolls onto each end of your towel rack or onto the different tree branches of your jewelry rack. Your personalized ribbon, your bridal ribbon or even your birthday ribbon will all look really gorgeous draping down in this decorative display.

Soda straw dispenser ribbon holder

This diy ribbon art craft is really easy. Like the hand towel or jewelry rack above, the pieces are all in place so this makes for a quick, easy and decorative way to store your ribbon. Purchase a straw dispenser. You can buy either a plastic straw dispenser or a metal one that is more in the style of the classic diner-style straw dispensers. These dispensers are great for storing extra ribbon as art because they are clear and they come already equipped with a center rod. Slide your ribbon rolls over the rod and put your beautiful satin ribbons, organza ribbons or personalized grosgrain ribbon on display. You can put these wonderful ribbon cylinders anywhere in your house and they will stand out alone as colorful and unique pieces of art.

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