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Blog How To Make Hair Bows With Personalized Ribbons...
25-11-2021 / By: Pratik Jain

How To Make Hair Bows With Personalized Ribbons

There's something really magical and special about making your own bows. And what better way to make these bows more personal to you, your brand or your persona, than with personalized ribbons?

You can get creative and use quirky personalized ribbons to make hair bows that match your mood and outfit or to fit an occasion or the holidays. It comes with the added bonus of being a great way to spend time with your children. Let's get started!

Cheerleading Bows

Things You'll Need: A medium ribbon 20 inches long and 1 inch wide. A shorter, narrower ribbon, some string, glue and a hair clip.

Trim the edges of the bow to have them at a slight angle rather than having them flat. Next, carefully harden the edges against a lighter flame to avoid fraying.

Fold the ribbon into 3 equal parts so that you end up with one edge on the bottom facing one way and the other edge at the top facing the other way. Kind of like a "Z".

Pinch the middle nice and tight and use the string to wrap around it and secure it with a tight knot. Play with the ends so that they fall off at an angle. To make it look like, well, a cheerleader's bow.

Use the narrower length of ribbon to hide the string by tying over it with a neat knot. Finally, use the glue to secure your bow to a hairclip and there is your DIY Cheerleading Bow!

Barrette Hair Bow

Things You'll Need: One ribbon about 3 inches in length and a shorter ribbon 1 inch in length and with a third of the width of the longer ribbon. You'll also need glue and a hairclip and thread.

Fold the longer ribbon such that both ends of the ribbon meet at the center. Have one end overlap the other by about ½ an inch or less. Scrunch up the middle and secure the ends in place by using the thread to tie a tight knot. You can also opt to use glue as an alternative to the thread.

Next, hide the thread by wrapping the shorter, narrower ribbon over the area and tying a neat knot. Glue your bow to a hairclip and Voila, that's your personalized ribbon hair bow!

If you want some variety, play with ribbon sizes or stick two of these hair bows together to get a double-layered ribbon bow.

Softball Bow

Things You'll Need: 6 narrow ribbons, (not too narrow, on the chunkier side), preferably with different prints that complement each other, a ponytail hairband, needle and thread, glue.

Cut about the ribbons about 20 inches in length. Feel free to experiment here with different lengths. Make sure that you use a lighter to harden the edges so that they don't fray.

Place the ribbons side by side. Now using the thread and needle go through the middle of the ribbons sewing them together in a straight line. Make sure that the needle goes in and out of each ribbon before moving to the next ribbon. Now gently tighten the thread to bring the ribbons together and bunch them up. You can wrap the thread around them once to secure them in place.

Next, sew these ribbons to your elastic ponytail hairband. You can use a shorter bit of ribbon to conceal the threading work by wrapping the ribbon over it and tying a tiny knot. You can also use the glue to secure it all in place.

A Cute Baby Bow

Things You'll Need: 3 ribbons of the same width (it's best if each of these ribbons is of different prints), needle and thread, glue, hairclip.

Cut each of these ribbons into 3 pieces of equal length, 3.5 to 4 inches long. You should have 9 total pieces of ribbons. Take a single piece from each ribbon and place then one on top of each other at different angles. Their centers should overlap but not their ends.

If that's confusing, then imagine the face of a clock. Place one ribbon with the ends at 9 and 3, while the second will be at an angle with its ends at 10 and 4 and the last ribbon can have its ends at 8 and 2. Repeat this order with the remaining 6 pieces stacking them on top of each other.

You can now use the thread to wrap and tie the center tight so that it scrunches up the ribbons and they're secure. Use a narrower and shorter length of ribbon to wrap over the center and hide your Frankenstein work! All that's left is to glue the hair clip to your bow. TADA!

Ribbon Hacks

Feel free to cut patterns into the ends of the ribbon, like a reverse taper for example, to give the hair bows more character. And remember, if you make a cut, make sure to use a lighter to harden the edges, so that they do not fray.

Get Your Personalized Ribbons

Now that you know how to make the hair bows, you need to get yourself some personalized ribbons. Check out our store for a variety of ribbons that you can customize with personalized messages, patterns and colors to make that hair bow truly unique and truly yours.


How Do You Make A Bow Out Of Ribbon Without Sewing?

Sewing is a way to bind together and hold elements or parts of the bow in place. Alternatively, you could use fabric glue or tie a tight knot with some string or thread to achieve the same result.

How Do You Personalize A Hair Bow?

If you really want to personalize your bow, then it's best that you spend 10 minutes making your own bow. This gives you the freedom to add your own flair to the bow to make it your own. Take it a step further and use a personalized ribbon to guarantee its uniqueness.

How Do You Make A Hair Clip Bow?

The secret is in the glue. Honestly, almost any hair bow can be made into a hair clip bow by using glue to attach your hair bow to your hair clip. Another take on this would be to sew your bow onto your elastic ponytail hairband for a similar effect.

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