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Blog How To Attach Labels On Clothing...
20-12-2021 / By: Pratik Jain

How To Attach Labels On Clothing

Labels on clothing may be quite easily overlooked by everyone. In fact, probably the only time when we really care about these labels is at the store to check the size and fit or the particular item of clothing we are looking to purchase.

The other time when a customer possibly looks at the label is when they want to iron or wash their clothes and want to make sure how to go about doing it, as some fabrics have specific instructions for these tasks. Clothing care labels that contain this information are usually attached on the inner side of the clothing along a seam or at the back of the neckline.

Just as importantly, you can always attach labels to your clothes for brand awareness so that they do not get mixed up with someone else's. So how do you attach these labels to clothing?

Choosing A Label Material And Style

Acquiring labels is easier than you may think. You have stores and services where you can pick and choose from a variety of options and styles and have the information you wanted printed on to it.

Alternatively, you can customize your own labels for clothing. This gives you the freedom to pick everything from the colour style and even print on the labels. Head over to our store to get your own custom labels.

It's important to research the type of label and style you want before you go making or purchasing your label. This will help you communicate your brand better.

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Sewing Your Label

This is pretty straight forward really. You can sew your labels to your clothes either by hand or by using a sewing machine. However, where you want to sew your label and the type of label you want to sew will dictate the technique you need to use to sew these labels to the fabric. There are three main methods to sew your labels into fabric.

The most common location to have a label on a T-shirt or a top is on the upper back of the item. Mostly this is around the inner neckline, below the seam. This is relatively simple to pull off. You take a regular label, turn all the four edges or sides of the label under, and sew all these four sides to the fabric.

The second most common way of sewing labels onto clothes is to stitch them onto a seam. Ideally, this is done on the seam on the side of the fabric, towards the bottom. You can approach this in two methods:

The first approach is to make a loop with your label. Fold the label in half and then iron over it. This makes sure that the label will stay in that folded shape. Now take the label and stitch the sides with the open ends into the seam. And there you have it. Your label is now a loop. It's important that when ironing, you make sure to have some other fabric or paper between the iron and the label to prevent damage to the label and print.

If you're aware that this is the method you want to go with beforehand, then you can design your labels around the loop to get the best out of it.

The second approach is to stitch a label into a seam without making a loop. However, before doing this, make sure to turn the three sides of the label under and stitch them in place first. Then stitch the label into the seam with the remaining end.

Sticking The Label

With this method, there is no sewing involved. The simplest and easiest way to do this is to use fabric glue to attach your label to the clothing item.

The other method is to use stick-on labels. They're exactly like stickers. The back of the label has an adhesive. Peel off the protective cover and then stick the label onto the fabric. Wait for it to set and you're good to go.

Some versions of this stick-on label need an extra step. Place the side of the glue onto the fabric where you want the label to go. Then you need to iron over it for about 5-20 seconds (different fabrics require different durations of ironing) to activate the glue. This can take almost a full 24 hours to dry depending on the glue. So do not wash or do anything to the fabric during that time.

You can even get double-sided fabric tape. You stick one side to your label and peel off the film on the other side and attach that to the fabric, just like regular double-sided tape.

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Alternative Methods

Alternatively, you can add a little more of that DIY vibe and button labels to your clothing. You can even sew snap buttons into your fabric, so you can just slap a label on your clothing. This is a unique way to really make your outfits unique giving the option to switch out labels and patches.

Though they may be overlooked, labels communicate information. And one of this information is the brand or which line up or collection the piece of clothing is from. A lot of customers buy clothing based on the brands they like, and if they like a particular piece of clothing, they look at the label to find out the brand. Check out our range of labels for your clothing and help grow your brand!


How Do You Put Labels On Clothes?

You can do this one of two ways. Your first option is to sew them on and your second option is to stick or glue them on.

What Are The Labels On Clothes Called?

There are many different types of labels used in the clothing industry and each of them conveys specific information. Some of the more common ones are manufacturer code labels, brand labels, flag labels, size labels, line mark labels, care labels, and special labels.

How Do You Label Ribbon?

Well, you can order these labels or ribbons, custom made. You can choose from a variety of styles, colors, and fabrics. You also have the freedom of having custom prints on these ribbons. Head over to the FinerRibbon store to check out our custom ribbons and labels.

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