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15-10-2014 / By: Peter Kelly

Halloween decorations & ribbon crafts with personalized ribbon

Are you looking for some Halloween decorating ideas? Here are a few fun Halloween decorations that you can create for your home. You can use personalized ribbon, satin ribbon, grosgrain ribbon and organza ribbon to make any of these decorations.

Halloween Ribbon banners

There are many different ways that you can make decorative Halloween banners for your house with ribbon. The quickest and easiest way to make an awesome Halloween ribbon banner is to first start out by getting some orange and black construction paper. Cut out 14 orange circles, all of the same size. Punch two holes in the tops of each orange circle. These holes are what you will be looping your ribbon through when it comes time to string up your Halloween ribbon banner. Next, using the black construction paper cut out each of the letters for the sentence ‘Happy Halloween’. Glue each individual black letter onto its own orange circle. Now, take some personalized ribbon and string it through each of the holes in the orange circles. That’s it. Just like that, your Halloween banner is ready to be hung up inside or outside of your house.

Another fun Halloween ribbon decoration that you can make is a personalized ribbon Halloween fringe banner. To make this banner, you will need to buy some custom printed ribbon. You can use printed satin ribbon, printed grosgrain ribbon or printed organza ribbon for this banner project. Have the ribbon printed with the words ‘Happy Halloween’. Once you have your personalized ribbon, cut one piece of it to the desired width of your Halloween ribbon banner. Cut the rest of your personalized ribbon into strips that are each the length of the words ‘Happy Halloween’ (this will be your ribbon fringe). Next, lay the long piece of printed ribbon on a table and sow your individual strips of personalized ribbon onto it. Ta-da! You are personalized ribbon Halloween fringe banner is finished. If you want to customize your Halloween ribbon banner even more, you can cut out the letters for the words ‘Trick or Treat’ from construction paper and glue them onto your Halloween ribbon fringe. It’s up to you.

Bat straws

These quick and easy Halloween decorations are perfect to spice up a Halloween party or even just your kid’s every day drinks around Halloween.

Buy some black satin ribbon. If you have time, buying personalized satin ribbon with the words ‘Happy Halloween’ printed on it is best. Tie this custom printed ribbon into little bows around your straws. Add googly eyes to the body of the bats (the knot section of your stain ribbon) and just like that, your regular straws now have scary bat faces. These bat straws are guaranteed to be a hit.

Pumpkin Balloons

Pumpkin balloons are another easy Halloween ribbon craft that you can make for your home. Simply buy some orange balloons. Cut out some eyes, noses and mouths out of black construction paper. Glue your faces onto your orange balloons. Next, take some double face satin ribbon, organza ribbon or grosgrain ribbon and string up your pumpkin balloons around your house. Personalized ribbons are also great to use for this Halloween craft as you can have the ribbons custom printed with words such as Boo, Trick or Treat and Happy Halloween.


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