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Blog Guide To Buying A Ribbon Based On Your Needs...
25-11-2021 / By: Pratik Jain

Guide To Buying A Ribbon Based On Your Needs

Ribbons. You probably see them more often than you think. You'll find them everywhere from birthday parties and music festivals to the hair bow on that barista you have a crush on.

That's the beauty of ribbons. They're versatile and can be used anywhere. The only limit to their versatility is your creativity.  They're simple and easy to source and depending on how you use them, they can lead to a fun time in your children's art and craft project or to something that communicates a wealth of information about a cause or an event.

But that's the key. You need to have the right ribbon for your specific need. They come in all shapes and sizes with varying styles and cuts. Educating yourself on the different types of ribbons will definitely help you make the right decision when buying your ribbon.

Types Of Ribbons

First, let's talk about the types of ribbons out there. This is the most basic and simplest way to classify ribbons. Ribbons come in a large enough variety of types and makes, that it can be a bit too much to digest at first, so here are a few of the main or common ones that you can get.

      Satin Ribbons: The most popular type of ribbon that you'd find at parties and weddings. It is soft and lustrous and has a smooth finish. You also have the option of having one side smooth and a different colour from the other side.

      Silk Ribbons: These are similar to satin ribbons, but are lighter and are far more elegant. They are also surprisingly durable and are used everywhere from bands to upholstery.

      Velvet Ribbons: As the name suggests, these ribbons are plush and have a velvety finish. You can use them on crafts as well as clothing, which gives off a cozy vibe.

      Metallic Ribbons: made with metallic threads, these ribbons give off a shine. They can have printed patterns on them and are just perfect for gift wrapping. You have definitely come across these ribbons in gold and silver during the holiday season.

      Grosgrain Ribbons: An easily sourceable ribbon. It has a ribbed texture and is commonly used in crafts and gift wrapping. It comes in a variety of colours and patterns and is incredibly durable. It's also a preferred choice of ribbon for hairbows.

Ribbon Faces

Faces on a ribbon refer to the flat sides of the ribbon. You can source ribbons as either single face ribbons, or double-faced ribbons.

It's quite simple really. A single face ribbon means that one side of the ribbon is the one that has to be shown off. The side that you see, while the other side is hidden. For example, when you want to make a bow or wrap a gift. The face that you would see has all the patterns and textures, while the face that is hidden usually has a flat colour and texture.

Now double side ribbons should be pretty clear. Both the faces or sides of the ribbon have patterns, colours, and textures. It's important to note that not all types of ribbons are double-sided. Some ribbons are only available as a single face because that's how they're manufactured. Double-faced ribbons are also more expensive than a single face ribbon.

Ribbon Sizes

Ribbons come in different sizes or widths. The more common ribbon sizes vary from ¾ of an inch to 3 inches.  But by no means is this the limit. You can get specialist ribbons up to 10 inches in width.

Let's split this into 3 broad categories. Narrow, medium and large.

      Narrow Ribbons: They're less than an inch in width. They're used mostly to accent and decorating designs and items. You can use them as bands, attach them to wedding invitations, or have them as decorations on a floral bouquet. They're commonly used as lacing in clothes and fashion accessories.

      Medium Ribbons: These ribbons fall somewhere between 1 to 3 inches in width. Consider them as the big brother to the narrow ribbons. Meaning they basically do what the narrow ribbons do, but on a larger scale. Narrow ribbons are used with invitations, medium size ribbons are used for gift wrapping. Narrow ribbons are used as lace in clothing, medium size ribbons can be an entire singular aspect of the design, like a belt or a seam in a dress.

      Large Ribbons: They're anything more than 3 inches in width and used mainly for decorative purposes. You'll find them at parties and events, like on wedding chairs and tables, for example. They're also used in large floral arrangements and stage and prop decorations.

Other Customizations

Though it's not common, you can also get ribbons with different cuts and patterns for the edges. You can also personalize your ribbons to fit your needs to give them another layer of customization.

Knowing Your Need

With all this knowledge on the types of ribbons and the options available to you, you need to be clear about why you want these ribbons. Do you need these for gift wrappings? Are you promoting an event? Perhaps you want them for a DIY project like making hair bows with ribbons. Having a clear idea will make it easier when purchasing your ribbon.

Now that you know the type of ribbon perfect for your needs, check out our website to get all the ribbons you could possibly need and more!


Can You Buy Ribbon By The Yard?

Of course! You can buy ribbons by the yard. Consider visiting the FinerRibbon website to check out the wide array of ribbons and you can customize them to your liking and requirements too!

What Are The 3 Types Of Ribbon?

Not just 3, there's a wide variety of ribbons that you can buy. Some of the more popular ones are grosgrain, satin, organza, chiffon, silk, and a lot more!

What Type Of Ribbon Is Used For Gifts?

The choice of ribbon for gifts can also depend on the type of gift. For instance, satin, raffia, and metallic ribbons can be suitable for basically any type of gift while lace ribbons are more suitable for expensive and elegant gifts.

What Is A #9 Ribbon?

A #9 is a ribbon that has a width of 1 ½ inches (38 mm). It's typically used by florists for flower arrangements.

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