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Blog Grosgrain Ribbon: What is it and what can it be...
20-06-2014 / By: Peter Kelly

Grosgrain Ribbon: What is it and what can it be used for?

For those of you that aren’t ribbon experts, you might be a little overwhelmed when you are trying to pick out a type of ribbon for your occasion. Satin ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, organza ribbon… what exactly are all these different types of ribbons? Don’t be intimidated. With a little guidance, you will be able to easily make the right ribbon selection for your event. Let’s start here with a short description of all the ins-and-outs of grosgrain ribbon.

What is Grosgrain Ribbon?
Grosgrain ribbon has been around for centuries. As early as the seventeenth century, seamstresses began using grosgrain ribbon to make all sorts of clothes including girdles, jackets and petticoats. So, what is it exactly?

Grosgrain ribbon is decorative ribbon that has a textured appearance. It is a very unique type of ribbon that has a ribbed texture, which gives it a distinct and slightly glossy look. Grosgrain ribbon is a top quality ribbon that is very durable and sturdy. It is a very fashionable ribbon and depending on its use, it can have a classy and elegant appearance or even an every day look. Grosgrain ribbon is available in many colors and it is used for all sorts of different crafts.

What can I do with my Grosgrain Ribbon?
You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to grosgrain ribbon. It truly can be used for all sorts of events and crafts. Use your imagination and have fun but, if you are struggling for ideas as to what to do with your grosgrain ribbon, here are a few of its most common uses:

Gift Wrapping and Packaging
Grosgrain ribbon can be used for all of your gifts. It can be added to wedding favors, birthday gifts, baby shower gifts and even giveaways at large corporate events. If you are looking to make your gift-wrap even more special, try personalized grosgrain ribbon. You can personalize your ribbon by adding your name or your company name to it. This will give your grosgrain ribbon an extra pop.

Need decorating ideas? Grosgrain ribbon can be added to your flower arrangements, your centerpieces and so much more. It is a great way to make your wedding, baby shower or event even more memorable.

Grosgrain ribbon is a great way to embellish your scrapbook. Use it to make your photos stick out in a fun and creative way.

Are you a home crafter that loves bookbinding? Grosgrain ribbon is the perfect ribbon for this craft. It is a very durable ribbon that is perfect for reinforcing the spines of books.

Hair Decorations & Fashion Accessories
Do you want to add some color to your hair or to your daughter’s pigtails? Grosgrain ribbon can be tied in a simple bow around braids or it can be sewn onto a hairclip to give it that extra something special. Or, if you want to add some detail to your clothes, try sowing on some grosgrain ribbon to make your outfit 100% unique.

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Luna 5 years ago
This proved very helpful to my history class
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