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Give Satin, Grosgrain and Organza Ribbon Ends to Birds as Nesting Gift Cups

Give Satin, Grosgrain and Organza Ribbon Ends to Birds as Nesting Gift Cups
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Posted: 25-07-2014 14:46
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A wonderful idea for crafts using leftover ribbon and unused ribbon! Click to read more!

Do you have a lot of extra scraps of ribbon at home? Do you love birds and nature? This is a wonderful craft idea for all you bird lovers out there as well as for kids. I don’t know about you but I always have little scrap pieces of ribbon lying at the bottom of my ribbon drawers. If you have a lot of ribbon odds and ends, nesting gift cups are easy to make and they are an amazing way to give back to nature.

How do you make bird nesting gift cups?

Collect any leftover ribbon, yarn or fabric that you may have around your house. You can use any type of ribbon for this project including satin ribbon, grosgrain ribbon and organza ribbon. You can even use leftover odds and ends of your personalized ribbon or custom ribbon. Some ribbons are synthetic while others are more natural. Either work however, The Cornell Lab of Ornithology (http://feedback.birds.cornell.edu/cornellbirds/topics/bright_yarn_safe_for_bird_nests) says that natural ribbons like those made of cotton or wool is preferred to synthetic ribbons.

Cut your leftover ribbon into strips that are 4 to 6 inches long and no wider than 1 inch thick. These size strips of ribbon are the safest for birds as they are too short for the birds to get tangled up in. Also, you don’t have to just use strips of ribbon here. You can also include strips of cloth or extra fabric in your bird nesting gift cups.

Try to use ribbon that is all different colors. Use purple personalized ribbon or blue custom printed ribbon from that corporate event. Use white wedding ribbon and pink birthday ribbon. Use green grosgrain ribbon and red satin ribbon. Use your leftover patterned ribbon as well.  Birds like to use certain colored ribbon in their nests and by giving them a lot of choices, you are sure that the birds will pick out the colors that they need.

Place all of your ribbon scraps into a brightly colored cup. The brightly colored cup should act as an attractant and entice curious birds to have a look. If you want to add some extras to your bird nesting gift cups, walk around your neighborhood and have a look at what materials your local birds are using in their nests. If you find that they are using a lot of twigs or some moss, you can also add some of these materials to your bird nesting gift cups.

That’s it. Now, all you have to do is sit back and watch. Kids will especially love this ribbon craft and it is a great way to teach kids how to recycle and give back to nature.

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