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13-10-2014 / By: Peter Kelly

Fun Halloween Loot Bag Ideas with Personalized Ribbon & Printed Satin Ribbon.

Now that summer is over, Halloween is just around the corner. If you are like us and you love Halloween, you have undoubtedly started dreaming up all sorts of ideas for Halloween this year. Today, we want to share with you some great Halloween ribbon loot bag ideas that you can make at home. These awesome Halloween ribbon crafts are great ways to make your loot bag treats a little more special this year. For each of these DIY crafts, you can use personalized ribbon, custom printed ribbon or even just some colored ribbon that you have lying around your house.

Halloween Mini-Treat Bags

Instead of just giving out a handful of candy this year, why not make your Halloween giveaways a little bit nicer by putting an assortment of candies into individual mini-treat bags. These mini-treat bags are easy to make. All you need is some cellophane wrap and some custom printed ribbon with your name and address on it. Simply take a small handful of candy, wrap it with cellophane and tie the sachet closed with some of your personalized ribbon. These mini-treat bags make excellent little surprise bags and they will be reassuring to your neighbors as they have both your name and address printed on them.

If you have time and you want to make these mini-treat bags even more special, you can even make your very own Halloween cookies to put into the bags. If you decide to do this, attaching your personalized satin ribbon or personalized grosgrain ribbon is even more important so that everyone in your community knows that your Halloween treats are safe to eat.

Lollipop Labels with Printed Ribbon

This is a fantastic idea if you are a little short on time but you still want to make your loot bag treats a little more unique and original. Have some orange and black ribbon printed with your name on it or the words ‘Happy Halloween’. Next, take this personalized ribbon and attach it around the base of your lollipop treats. This is a wonderful way to make your Halloween lollipops a little more creative and festive. 

If you don’t have time to have personalized ribbons printed, another great idea is to make spider suckers. Go out and buy some black lollipops. Wind black pipe cleaners around the base of each lollipop turning your ordinary black lollipops into scary spider suckers. This is a fun craft that your kids can help you with too!

Creepy Tree of Treats

This Halloween craft is a little bit different and fun for your trick-or-treaters. Create a creepy tree of treats from which your trick-or-treaters can choose the bag of treats that they really want.

Go out into your yard and find a nice sturdy tree branch that you can use as the base for your craft. Spray paint the tree branch black and wedge the tree branch into a flowerpot filled with rocks. Add fake cobwebs between the branches of your tree. Using printed stain ribbon or printed grosgrain ribbon, attach individual candies or little candy bags to the tree. When trick-or-treaters arrive Halloween night, invite them to pick the treat of their choice from your Halloween tree. Isn’t that fun?


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