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Blog Effective Ways To Market Your Logo...
20-12-2021 / By: Pratik Jain

Effective Ways To Market Your Logo

The logo is the graphical spokesperson of your business. Every single communication going out of your business, right from a campaign to a promotional activity makes use of your logo. But can you forever rely on the visual memory of your target audience to remember your logo and business?

Psychologists say that the memory of something stays for longer if humans touch it. While social media, billboards, and commercials are great ways to market your logo, give your target audience something more personal. By that we don't mean pamphlets or business cards that your customers can hold and touch, we're talking about personalized ribbons as effective marketing tools. When customers touch a ribbon with your logo on it, the luxurious texture and the feel will stay with them longer. Here are some best ways to market your logo:


Merchandising is a tried and tested way to market your logo. Businesses often send freebies and gifts with their products to make the customer feel special. Many popular brands also raise considerable revenue out of their official merchandise. Like we said before, when customers touch and hold something with your logo on it, it makes a longer-lasting impression. When items like mugs, caps, tees, etc have your logo on them, the customer who uses or wears it automatically becomes a brand ambassador.

Have you ever thought about how ribbons come into the picture here? You can have your logo printed on grosgrain ribbons for tote bag straps, use custom logo ribbons for bookmarks, or simply tie goodie bags with personalized ribbons. Such little things act as great merchandise options! Now every time your customer carries the tote bag or reads a book, your logo is marketed!

Employee Marketing

Employees are the first brand ambassadors of any business, be it big or small. Including your business logo on corporate apparel makes your employees feel like they're part of a team and also subtly markets your logo. Make use of personalized ribbons and it'll open more avenues of employee marketing for your business- like printing your logo on the ID card straps of employees, on straps of bags or fanny packs, or on bookmarks of employee diaries.

This ensures that your logo travels wherever your employees go. It's an effective marketing tool without being too pushy or loud. Pro Tip: If you've no plans or budget to get corporate apparel for your employees, you can hand them ribbons with your company logo and ask them to pin it up on their clothes. It's a convenient way to market your logo through your employees.

Product Packaging

If you're selling your products without personalized packaging, you're missing out on a big marketing opportunity. Whether you're selling your products or services through a store or online, you should invest time and money in packaging it right. When customers shop physically, a product decorated with personalized logo ribbons stands out amongst the others. It ensures your logo is noticed and your product is picked off the shelf first!

When you ship your products, the ugly brown shipment boxes and bubble wrap are tossed into the bin. But a colorful personalized ribbon catches the eye of the customer and shows off the company logo to them. Unlike boxes and wrappers, ribbons can be reused around the house, and every time someone passes by your custom ribbon, your logo is noticed! This is a fantastic way to seep into customers' minds without them even knowing it!

If you're a small business, like a home bakery, a personalized ribbon is a great way to communicate with your customers. Include your tagline or sweet messages like 'baked with love' on the ribbon you decorate your products with and it'll make a deeper impact.

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Promotional Events

Promotional events like fundraisers, seminars, annual fairs, or exhibitions are great ways to market your business. Your logo makes it to every digital creative, billboard, or poster that announces the event. But it's all done and dusted once the event is over, the billboards are dressed in other ads and the pamphlets are used to soak up fried meals (c'mon we all need a backup when kitchen towels run out).

Giving away personalized favor bags, freebies, and goodies is a good move to remind your customers of your business long after the event is over. Such freebies will have a professional effect when you decorate them with ribbons that have your company logo on them. If you want to level up your freebie gifting game, you can hand over business samples in cute little organza bags . You can use personalized ribbons to decorate trade stands with streamers and bows or tie them to chairs at the event. Trust us, these activities market your logo to potential customers without much ado.

Apparel Label Marketing

Have you ever given a thought to the amount of difference a brand label makes? Customers always look for brand labels while shopping for branded apparel. It proves the authenticity of the product and ensures the customer of its quality. While clothing care labels are mandatory by law, brand labels are important marketing tools.

You can convey important messages through your brand labels like your business's sustainable or eco-friendly efforts behind the product. If you're launching a limited-edition holiday collection or want to incorporate humor, you can use some effective copywriting to make your brand label stand out. That's why brand labels are powerful instruments to get up close and personal with your customers. It reminds your customers of your logo and creates a recall every time they wear your product.

To stay ahead of your competitors, you don't have to make enormous advertising budgets or offer big discounts, a small gesture that shows you care is enough! What better way to market your logo than using our personalized ribbons in everything that your business does? Check out our website for wide options and interesting ideas!

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What Are The 5 Principles Of Effective Logo Design?

For your logo to be effective, make sure that you incorporate the following principles:

Simple: Your logo must be designed in a simple style that makes it instantly recognizable.

Relevant: A relevant logo means that the design should communicate the brand personality. These include the colors, font, and symbols used.

Memorable: This ties in with the simplicity of design. You need to design your logo to stand out so that people remember.

Timeless: The logo should be designed in such a way that they remain relevant over the years. This would save you the effort of redesigning it later.

Versatile: A good logo design should be versatile. Meaning it should look good on different forms of media such as a website, mobile app, or even a billboard. A simple design would help you achieve it.

What Makes A Logo Catchy?

A catchy logo is instantly recognizable and memorable. Adding to that, an easy business name would stick in the minds of the customer too!

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