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Decorate your Wedding Programs with Personalized Ribbon

Decorate your Wedding Programs with Personalized Ribbon
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Posted: 30-05-2014 09:07
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Spruce up your wedding programs with our personalized ribbon! Click to read more of our useful tips and ideas!

Are you ready for your wedding? Have you gone through your wedding checklist yet and are you sure that you have everything done? I don’t want to freak you out but one item that often gets forgotten or left to the last minute before a wedding is the wedding program. Wedding programs are a small detail that helps your wedding run smoothly and perfectly. If you are in a rush or if you are on a budget, a great way to save time and money is to make your very own wedding programs.

Here are 3 ideas as to how you can make a beautiful wedding program at home with your very own personalized ribbon:

1. Tie Personalized Ribbon in a Bow along the Spine of your Wedding Program
In my experience, this seems to be the most common way that DIY Wedding Programs are made. It is quite easy and even the most creatively inept person can have some fun with this design.

First, design your wedding program on your computer. The design should be set up on a standard 81/2in by 11in piece of paper in landscape mode. Divide the page in half and arrange your text horizontally so that it fits across the two halves in such a way that when your wedding program is printed, it will fold into a book. Print your wedding program. Punch a hole about one inch from the top along the spine of the book. Punch another hole about one inch from the bottom along the spine. Insert your custom printed ribbon into the two holes and tie the printed ribbon into a bow on the outside of your wedding programs. Ask a friend to help and you should be done in no time. If you are particularly pressed for time, you can even skip the hole punching part and just tie your personalized ribbon in a bow along the spine of your wedding program.

2. Tie Personalized Ribbon along the top of your Wedding Program
If your wedding program is going to be just one page, this is a great way to spice it up.

Print your one-page wedding program on nice cream-colored paper. Glue this wedding program onto another colored piece of paper that is slightly larger than the wedding program itself. This background colored paper will act as a border around your wedding program. Now, punch two small holes in the center at top of the program, about an inch down from the top. Threat your personalized ribbon through the holes and tie a bow. Try to tie your printed ribbon in such a way that the names of the bride and groom are showing.

3. Add a band of Personalized Ribbon to your Wedding Program
This method is a little trickier but you can do it. I saw it on the Martha Stewart website and I absolutely loved it.

Design your wedding programs in landscape mode on an 81/2in by 11in piece of paper. We don’t want these programs to be too tall so each program will be 41/4in tall (this means that once printed, each 81/2in by 11in piece of paper will be cut in half to make two programs). Arrange your text horizontally across your page. Adjust it to fit into 4 equal-sized columns. Print your wedding programs and cut them in half. Wrap your band of personalized ribbon around the center of your wedding program. Fold the outsides of your programs into the center and tuck them under the band of personalized ribbon. That’s it!

All of the above creative designs can be done with personalized satin ribbon, personalized double face satin ribbon, personalized satin center organza ribbon or personalized grosgrain ribbon. Remember to choose ribbon colors and paper to match the colors of your wedding.

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