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Blog Cute DIY Crafts With Ribbon For Kindergarteners...
25-11-2021 / By: Pratik Jain

Cute DIY Crafts With Ribbon For Kindergarteners

It's difficult to keep curious and hyperactive kindergarteners busy. Rather than exposing them to your phones, how about keeping them engaged with some easy ribbon crafts? This keeps them entertained and boosts their creative thinking skills. Playing around with ribbons introduces kids to colors, textures, and patterns.

Our colorful ribbons can make beautiful craft items that are both pleasing and useful. Within no time, you'll be amazed at the lovely things your 5-year-old can make out of our ribbons. All you need to give them is ribbons and your time! Here are some cute DIY ribbon crafts for kindergarteners:

Ribbon Wand

Things You'll Need: Wooden dowel, colorful ribbons, glue

Ribbon wand is an easy DIY craft that can be used by kindergartners while playing or dancing. They'll be pleased to make it themselves and then play with them. First, cut the colorful satin ribbons in the desired length and tie them one by one to the wooden dowel. Apply some glue between the dowel and ribbons so they won't slide off while playing. Let it dry for some time and...done! This is perfect for a princess-themed birthday party or for the time your kid's friends come over for a fun sleepover.

Dancing Ribbon Rings

Things You'll Need: 3-inch wooden rings, thin satin ribbons

This is a pretty DIY to try if your kindergartner loves music and dance. Cut the ribbons in 36-inch strips and pass them through the wooden rings. After each ribbon reaches midway through the ring, tie a square knot. Repeat this with all ribbons and you'll have colorful dancing ribbon rings. This easy DIY teaches kids a square knot thus developing strong fine motor skills. Take our word and tie 7 ribbons in the color of the rainbow to the ring and it'll be all the more beautiful! We've all the ribbon colors in the VIBGYOR!

Easy Ribbon Headband

Things You'll Need: White headband, ribbon, marker, tacky glue

How about making a DIY ribbon craft that can be useful for your kindergartner every day? Let your kid pick her favorite color ribbon and make her own headband! Mark the headband 3 inches from both ends, this is where the ribbon should end. Cut the ribbon to match the length of the headband and paste it on with the tacky glue. Cut two small strips of ribbon and seal the place where the main ribbon ends with glue. As easy as that! If she's getting ready for a wedding, get a wide headband and paste a white satin center organza ribbon and she'll look like the perfect flower girl!

No-Sew Bow Tie

Things You'll Need: Satin ribbon, thread, fabric glue

Adorn your kindergartener's collar with a bow tie and he'll look like the smartest little gentleman. To make a bow tie, cut a satin ribbon in an 8-inch strip for the bow and a 1.5-inch strip for the middle. Apply the fabric glue on one end of the long strip and paste it with the other end. Now squeeze the bow in the center to form 3 folds, secure these folds by tying a knot in the center with a thread. Take the middle piece and wrap it around the center, don't forget to secure it with glue! Now help your kindergartener wear it by attaching it to his collar with a safety pin.

Easy Holiday Wreath

Things You'll Need: Cardboard, green craft paper, scraps of ribbon, glue

When holidays are around the corner, make your 5-year-old feel involved by teaching them an easy ribbon wreath. Cut the cardboard in the shape of a donut and paste the green craft paper over it, this makes the base of the wreath. You surely must have leftover scraps of ribbons after decorating your home for the holidays, these scraps can be used to create a wreath!

Place all the supplies in front of your little one and let them get creative! Let them paste the scraps onto the green base as they like it. This will feel like putting a puzzle together for curious minds, keeping them busy for a long crafternoon! Once done, help them tie the wreath up with a long ribbon. Easy peasy!

Ribbon Windsock

Things You'll Need: Wooden hoop, lots of ribbons

A ribbon windsock or a ribbon mobile is super easy to make and looks great when hung outdoors. To make it, cut all ribbons in 24-inch strips and tie them to the hoop. Remember the bigger the radius of the hoop, the more ribbons you'll need. Let your kindergartener plan this math themself to improve their cognitive thinking abilities.

Teach them a basic square knot and watch them finish the entire hoop by themselves! Add our cute polka dot ribbons to make the windsock prettier. In the end, tie a fishing line at three places on the hoop and tie their loose ends together. Hang it in your window or to a tree's branch in your yard and see it swing in the breeze!

Cute Charm Bookmark

Things You'll Need: Ribbons, charms, jump rings, glue

This is one of the easiest and the most useful DIY made out of our ribbons. It gets your kindergartner in the habit of reading and valuing their books! Cut the ribbons into 26-inch strips, slide a jump ring in the ribbon all the way to its midpoint and fold it in half, then paste the ribbon together with glue. Attach charms on the jump ring and the bookmark is ready! The bookmarks look cuter when made with our striped ribbons. Your kindergartner can use this on their alphabet books or gift it to their friends! Such charm bookmarks also act as great Christmas gifts your kids can present to your relatives. Works like a charm!

There are many more DIY crafts possible with our ribbons, like keychains, wall hangings, or ribbon chandeliers. Most of these DIYs are child-friendly since they don't require using hot glue. Simply order the cutest ribbons and more from our website and unleash your child's creativity


How To Prevent Ribbons From Fraying At The Edges?

Cut the ends of your ribbons in an inverted V-shape and seal them with clear nail polish to stop them from fraying. You can even hold the edges against a flame to prevent fraying. Just be careful to not burn yourself!

Can I Leave My Children Alone With Ribbons?

Yes, children above 3 years can be left alone with ribbons, but remember to hang ribbon windsocks at a height. The ribbons hanging from the windsock can act as a strangulation hazard while children run around your yard.

What To Do With Leftover Ribbon Scraps?

You can make many DIY ribbon crafts with leftover ribbons like fringed bookmarks, tugging lids, tassel keychains, ribbon roses, or ribbon scrap wreaths. Never throw leftover ribbons away because they're pretty useful!

Which Ribbons Look Good To Make A Bow Tie Or Headband?

You can use a satin ribbon to make a bow tie or headband, the finishing and look satin gives is beautiful. You can also use striped ribbons or polka dot ribbons if you're making bow ties or headbands for kids!

Can I Glue Ribbons Together?

Yes, ribbons can be glued together. You can use fabric glue to paste two ribbon surfaces together. This kind of glue keeps your ribbons flexible and retains their adhesive even after a wash.

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