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Blog Custom printed satin ribbon with metallic...
01-08-2013 / By: Peter Kelly

Custom printed satin ribbon with metallic magenta foil.

From time to time, we get projects for custom printed satin ribbon which involves a logo with very fine lines. In cases like these, it is always important to calibrate the print setup so that the delicate foil captures all the logo details perfectly on the satin ribbon.

Thanks to our many years of experience producing personalized ribbon, this is never a problem for us. For sure it is a challenge, but we love a good challenge! So when the proprietors of Baci Cupcakes approached us for their personalized satin ribbon project, we jumped at the chance to prepare the perfect combination of colors to capture their branding by using a beautiful combination of colors.

The first thing we had to decide on was to decide on which colors to use. Originally, the intention was to use a bright color ribbon with a dark foil color and we got good results by testing Magenta satin ribbon personalized with black foil. The resulting custom printed satin ribbon was quite beautiful, but we wanted more than "beautiful", we wanted a color combination which would just give an amazing first impression to the beholder when they see the decorations our client would prepare. So the logical next step was to switch the colors around; using a dark color ribbon with bright, metallic foil and we did a test print using black ribbon with metallic magenta foil and we knew immediately that this was the winning combination.

Custom printed satin ribbon by FinerRibbon.com.

The results, as shown in the picture above, are just phenomenal!

The color contrast between the black ribbon and the magenta foil brings out the best of the logo and the curves of the fine lettering and the font are captured perfectly on the satin ribbon.
Elegant, wonderfully trendy, this ribbon is just the perfect complement to any packaging or decorating project and we're extremely happy we had the chance to work on this project, definitely a memorable personalized satin ribbon!


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