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Printing custom logos and artworks on ribbon.

Printing custom logos and artworks on ribbon.
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Posted: 12-03-2014 13:59
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Printing custom logos and artworks on ribbon is our specialty. Ribbon printed with your logo and custom artwork is an excellent way of marketing your brand and preparing corporate decorations! Click to read more.

A daily inquiry we receive is if we can print custom logos on our ribbon and what our clients need to provide in order for us to do so.

We can certainly print any custom logo, type or combination of type and logo in any layout needed and furthermore, we can print the logos in single color or in multiple colors that any logo comes in originally.

There are no limitations at all on the artwork we can print and case in point, we recently had the wonderful opportunity to work for the Museum of the African Diaspora. This excellent non-profit organization approached us with the desire to print their logo on satin ribbon for their packaging and decorations and we were confident that we could do a wonderful job - especially after they provided to us the logo in high resolution files. This is vital when it comes to perfect printing; we do have an in-house design staff here with us, but it's always a very good advantage to have the custom logo provided to us in 300 dpi resolution, preferably in AI or EPS format. In some cases, our clients notify us that they don't have access to the high resolution files and that is not a problem at all because that's where our design staff step in and we take whatever format file our clients have an redraw it in the necessary high resolution format - free of charge. The only downside is that this takes a bit of time, but just a bit because we can finish any needed redraws in a matter of 24 hours.

Coming back to the Museum of the African Diaspora Project; in this case the client's logo was a type based logo (a logo made up predominantly with letters or numbers), and their criteria was to use colors that reflect the rich cultural heritage and natural beauty that the African continent represents. Their final color choices were brown satin ribbon personalized with orange foil and the reverse, orange satin ribbon custom printed with brown foil.

What a wonderful selection of colors this turned out to be!

Printing custom logos and artworks on satin ribbon for marketing and decorations by FinerRibbon.

These two beautiful ribbon and print color combinations give off such an amazing impression! One look and the beholder is immediately reminded of the rich Serengeti landscapes and raw natural colors of the continent, truly a perfectly fitting color palette for a museum representing African diaspora culture.

Perhaps the most striking and captivating element of this printed satin ribbon project is that, in our opinion, the fact that the project combines the centuries old rich colors of African culture with a very trendy, modern logo. The result is a beautiful custom printed ribbon which is perfectly in place in helping represent African diasporas culture to a cosmopolitan public.

In conclusion, printing any type of custom logo or artwork is our specialty and we hope this case study shows our unlimited flexibility in working with any custom logo or artwork. So do contact us and let us know if you need your logo printed on ribbon for any of your marketing or decorating projects and leave it to us to make it perfect!

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