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Clothing Care Labels

Our industry leading multiple color printed care labels for clothing and accessories are now available for all! We offer care and content labels for garments, clothing, and accessories in seven different sizes printed with unlimited colors with the inclusion of any text, font styles, and logos! Our clothing care labels are fully washable and compliant to all CSPA regulations and guidelines. Our clothing and care labels are available for the lowest prices in the market and fastest production times!
$80.10USD (CAD107.80) - $122.61USD (CAD165.00)

Custom Care Labels for Clothing and Accessories

Care labels are permanent tags containing detailed care information and instructions for how to best take care of the product. The label should not become unattached or illegible during the life span of the item.

Instructions for cleaning are a crucial element of any garment or textile product, and labels with these instructions will allow your customers to properly maintain the quality of their clothing items.

Whatever you make, be sure to create a good care label that includes washing instructions. As printing professionals we can help by creating custom care labels for all of your products.