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20-12-2021 / By: Pratik Jain

Chocolatiers Must Have Custom Ribbon - Here's Why

Whatever the occasion, chocolates can really make it special. Be it a birthday, a wedding, a party, a housewarming gift, or an apology, chocolates really seal the deal. Even though it is a cliche to get someone chocolate, for whatever reason or occasion, it's also almost always the perfect gift that can never go wrong.

But you don't just buy a naked bar of chocolate off the shelf at a store. It comes in packaging that represents the chocolate within. This packaging gives character to your chocolate and makes the opening and consumption of the chocolate an experience. 

Ribbons help accentuate this experience. This simple piece of fabric can communicate emotions and messages to accompany the goodness and richness of that chocolaty bite. Here's why as chocolatiers, you must have your own customized ribbon:

Brand Awareness

"Oh, this is good. Where did you get these?"

We have all said this or heard this when biting into anything delicious. And who doesn't love good chocolate?

Ribbons surely elevate your brand and the experience for the giftee, but that's not all they do. They also answer the above question. You see, personalized ribbons give you the control over promoting your brand and spreading brand awareness among those that consume your delicious chocolate. You can customize your ribbon with your logo or a specific design trait that's synonymous with your brand.

It's a business card for your brand; that's part of the chocolate experience. You can use these ribbons as wrapping around a gift, decorations on a gift basket, or even as a bow that you could stick over a regular chocolate bar. Use these ribbons however you want and they will always promote your brand.

"Oh, this is good. Where did you get these?" won't be as frequently asked as they would already know the answer. And once they know where to get these delicious chocolates, what's stopping them from spreading the word to the ones they care about?

Professional Approach

Think of all the premium chocolates out there with their fancy packaging and cool designs on those packages. All these conglomerates give off this vibe of professionalism that bleeds into their packaging. You need to replicate that same vibe because it's the vibe that makes people think "Oh that looks fancy, I'll get that one."

Now as a chocolatier, how do you achieve this professional makeover with your products, without taking another mortgage to afford the costs? Your answer lies in the ribbons.

Sure, it's easier than hiring a design and marketing team to create that professional look for all packaging. All the same, it does not mean you just go out buy the first ribbon you get and slap it on your bar of chocolate. You still need to take the time to think about the custom ribbon that you want to get.

You have to choose the fabric, the colours, the style and finally the logo, name or defining element of your chocolatier brand. It's a little bit of work for a whole lot of brand building. This is important because you want to come across as professional and not tacky.

If you have the right ribbon, you could stick it on a piece of chocolate wrapped in cellophane, and still come across as professional and elegant.

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Personal Touch

To be fair, elegance and professionalism is something that a lot of the big names in the industry do well. And yes, replicating that into your brand does go a long way towards brand building and awareness, but you need something unique to stand out. You need to give your chocolate that personality that people know they won't get from some big brand chocolate made by a machine in a factory in some remote European countryside.

Once again, personalized ribbons to the rescue! You have two approaches here, and both are doable. You can personalize ribbons for your brand, for occasions and any other reason you can think of. Give your brand character. You can also have the option of personalizing ribbons for your patrons with messages and whatever else they want.  Now when they give this chocolate to someone, it feels a lot more personal than a generic store-bought product.

Someone ordered a gift basket with assorted chocolate for a wedding? Don't just stick some fancy gold or silver ribbon on it. Let your patron in on the personalization. Print a message on the ribbon, put your logo on it, and turn it into a bow and tie it to the gift basket.

When it comes to personalizing ribbons to give your chocolatier brand some personality, the options are only limited to your creativity. And people love what's new, different and unique!

If you want to have a look at a variety of ribbons and know how you can customize them, head on over to our store and check out the huge variety we have on offer!


Can You Design Your Own Ribbon?

Yes, you can customize ribbons. You can customize the colour, style, and even the fabric of the ribbon. On top of that, you can even customize the pattern and print that your ribbon would have. There's a lot you can do when it comes to customizing ribbons. Head over to the FinerRibbon store to start customizing your personal ribbon.

How Do You Write Your Name On A Ribbon?

One way to write your name on a ribbon or to write anything on a ribbon is to have it printed. Another more DIY approach to inscribing onto a ribbon is to use paint or special markers that work well on fabric. However, with this approach, it's best to test it on a spare piece of ribbon as different fabrics will react with the paint or ink differently.

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