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18-10-2014 / By: Peter Kelly

5 Different and Unique Ways to Use Personalized Ribbon | FinerRibbon.com

Have you heard of personalized ribbon? Do you know what it is and have you thought about all the amazing things that you can do with it? Personalized ribbon is ribbon that has a personal message printed on it. It can be ribbon that says Happy Birthday or Congratulations. You can personalize any type of ribbon including satin ribbon, double face satin ribbon, organza ribbon and grosgrain ribbon.

Personalized satin ribbon for candy decorations

Need more ideas as to what you can do with your personalized ribbon? Here are 5 different and unique ways to use personalized ribbon:

Personalized Ribbon as Birth Announcements

This is a wonderful idea if you are a proud mom or dad that wants to do something a little different to introduce your new little one to the world. Try attaching some personalized ribbon to your birth announcements. You can have your printed satin ribbon or your printed grosgrain ribbon say ‘It’s a boy’, ‘It’s a girl’ or you can even have it printed with the name of your new baby and the date of their birth. Give your friends something to smile about with your very own original and custom printed birth announcements.

Personalized Ribbon as a Wedding Proposal

Are you getting ready to pop the question? If you are, you can have some personalized ribbon printed with the words, ‘I love you’ or ‘Will you marry me?’ You can attach this custom printed ribbon to a soon-to-be engagement ring and watch as your new bride-to-be screams with delight.

Personalized Ribbon for Graduations

You can add a little something special to graduation day with personalized ribbon.  Have some custom personalized satin ribbon or personalized grosgrain ribbon printed with the name of the graduate, the school’s name and the class year in which they are graduating from. Use this custom printed ribbon to wrap that very special graduation gift or to decorate your house for that post-graduation celebration party.

Personalized Ribbon for Corporate Events

This is one idea that you may not have thought of yet. Try adding personalized ribbon to your corporate event and you will really be doing something extra special for your guests.  Commemorate your event with custom print ribbon that includes your company name, the date of the event and even your company logo. This is a fantastic way to add a personal touch to your giveaway bags while also succeeding at some subtle marketing for your business.

Personalized Ribbon for Wedding Favors

Personalized ribbon is a great way to add that little something extra on your very special day. Make your wedding favors even more memorable by adding some custom printed ribbon to them. You can print your names, the date of your wedding and even the location of your wedding on satin ribbon, organza ribbon or grosgrain ribbon.  Tie your personalized ribbon onto your wedding favors and watch as your friend’s faces light up with delight.


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