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Blog 3 Wonderful Ways to Use Personalized Ribbon...
13-12-2014 / By: Peter Kelly

3 Wonderful Ways to Use Personalized Ribbon

Personalized ribbon is becoming more and more popular these days. It is a growing trend that many people are taking advantage of to make their gifts even more unique and special. Many people are now having personalized ribbon printed in all types of fonts and on ribbon of all colors. Some of this custom printed ribbon adorns simple messages such as ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘Congratulations’ while others are printed with much more extravagant messages to show how much they really care.

However, what else can you do with custom printed ribbon? Can you use your personalized ribbon for more than just gift-wrapping? Of course, you can! Here are 3 wonderful ways that you can use personalized ribbon.

Personalized satin ribbon with ivory color printing by FinerRibbon.

Party Decorations for All Occasions

Personalized ribbon can be used in really fun and creative ways to add to your party decorations. For example, you can use gorgeous custom printed ribbon as napkin rings at your wedding. White personalized satin ribbon is the best choice for this type of party decoration and you can have the white printed satin ribbon customized with the bride and groom’s special date. You can also use personalized ribbon to close loot bags at birthday parties. Perhaps try some personalized grosgrain ribbon or some printed organza ribbon for this task to give your birthday occasions a little more flare. These are just two examples of how you can use personalized ribbon as a party decoration. Have fun and be creative with it. The possibilities are truly endless.

Home Décor

Personalized ribbon can also really add to your home decorations. Versatile and affordable, custom printed ribbon can be used around your house and it will really make each of your rooms pop. Around Christmas, for example, you can use white satin personalized ribbon to hang your Christmas tree ornaments. You can also have personalized ribbon banners printed to hang around your house or on your walls. Whether you decide to add custom printed ribbon to your bedding, picture frames or tablecloth trim, each room in your house can be made special and unique with personalized ribbon.


If you are a professional entrepreneur or even if you are just a hobbyist, personalized ribbon is essential for all types of packaging. Your packaging will be instantly more memorable and pretty with a little custom printed ribbon. Add customized messages or your business logo to printed satin ribbon, printed grosgrain ribbon or printed organza ribbon. This beautiful and affordable addition to your packaging will make all the difference as it shows your customers and friends that you really care.


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