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3 Great money-saving ways to organize your ribbon

3 Great money-saving ways to organize your ribbon
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Posted: 25-07-2014 14:47
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Do you have a lot of different types of ribbon at home? Is all your ribbon mixed up that it drives you crazy when you are looking for a specific color of grosgrain, organza or satin ribbon? If your ribbon drawer is a mess, here are 3 great money-saving ways to organize your ribbon.

Ribbon Shoebox

Almost everyone has a few extra shoeboxes lying around their house. I bet you never thought that you would use any of these shoeboxes to store your personalized ribbon though, right? A ribbon shoebox is a cheap and easy way to store any type of ribbon that you have. Before you start, make sure that your regular or personalized grosgrain ribbon, satin ribbon and organza ribbon are all on their original rounds. If they are not, you can easily make new spools for your loose ribbon out of cardboard.

Visit your nearest craft store and purchase a few eyelets as well as an eyelet punch. Along the long side of the box, punch holes and place your eyelets corresponding to how your ribbon rounds will sit in the shoebox. Once your eyelets are in place, simply pull your custom ribbon through each of the holes.

If you need to store two rows personalized ribbon or double face satin ribbon, add eyelet holes to both of the long sides of your shoebox. Also, you can easily make your shoebox a little more pretty by covering it with some decorative paper.

Coat hanger

Using a coat hanger to store your ribbon may be the easiest and cheapest ribbon solution that I have found to date. Again, you can store any type of ribbon this way including all of your personalized ribbon, your double face satin ribbon and your printed grosgrain ribbon.

You can use either a wire hanger or a tiered coat hanger for this craft. If you are using a wire hanger, simply untwist the wire hanger and slide on your ribbon rolls. Once your organza or chiffon ribbons are in place, re-twist your wire hanger and hang your lovely ribbon display anywhere in your house. A tiered coat hanger is a coat hanger that is used to hang skirts and pants. If you have a lot of different types of ribbon to organize, this is your best bet. Some tiered coat hangers come with tiers that you can easily undo. If this is the case, simply undo each tier and slide on your ribbon rounds. If your coat hanger tiers are fixed, you can cut slits in some toilet paper rolls and attach a few toilet paper rolls to each tier that are then taped shut. Now all you have to do is to wind your satin, organza or grosgrain ribbon around each roll.


Do you have any extra candlesticks taking up room in your drawers? If you do, why not put these decorative candlesticks to use as ribbon holders? With some candlesticks, you will be able to easily slide on your ribbon rolls. Others might require a little more work where you’ll need to unscrew the base and secure a wooden dowel. Candlestick ribbon holders will look fantastic on your mantle at home or on display in your studio or office space.

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